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‘The Purge: Election Year’ Second Official Trailer (NSFW)


Well ok, that looks pretty cool.

Second trailer? I’ll be honest, I didn’t know we were getting a third installment in “The Purge” series so soon. The trailer above shows us what the annual purge would be like during an election year. It has one big thing going for it besides the carnage, and that’s the clearly twisted sense of humor that we got in the last film, “The Purge: Anarchy”. Not a great film, but definitely fun to watch. This one plays of the terrible commercials we get bombarded with during election cycles, showing happy, perfect Americans worshiping the purge. “I purged because it’s my civic duty.”

The story revolves around a senator who is a target for suggesting that The Purge be ended. Finally, The Purge is showing its opposition, and the consequences of that opposition. Something I thought the first 2 sorely lacked.

This is becoming a pretty big name series, they even have haunted attractions at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights themed around it and I dare say it was one of the best houses there.

The premise of the annual purge in America is just ridiculous and believable enough to make it one of those ideas where you go back and forth on if it’s possible or not. Of course it’s not, but you’re still left wondering… what if?


The Purge: Election Year is set to be released on Independence Day weekend (Friday, July 1st).

Here’s the official 1st trailer:



And here’s the really sweet poster:

the purge election year poster


What do you think?


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