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31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 27: The Human Centipede 2

31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 27: The Human Centipede 2


31 Nights of Halloween Horror: Part 27 in a 31 part series.

A horror film reviewed, every night for the month of October. Tonight let’s talk about:
The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) | Dir. Tom Six | 2011/USA | 91 mins


Worse than the first? That’s a good thing.

Sigh…yeah we are going to do this.  Prepare yourself for one of the most vile movies ever and I mean that in a good way. Be warned this is certainly not for everyone and I won’t hold it against you if you skip watching this one, but for those of you brave enough…ugh, here we go.

I have to admit I liked the first Human Centipede movie, the concept was so outlandish I found it brilliant. The movie itself was a tad on the slow side, but it did gross me out when the actual centipede was constructed and went into effect. But regardless, thumbs up for me. The movie certainly became notorious, so much so it was even spoofed on South Park. With that said, Director Tom Six was set to deliver a sequel that would out gross the original. And he has succeeded in spades.



Martin doesn’t seem well adjusted.

The sequel takes place with an obese mildly retarded short security guard for a parking garage named Martin, played brilliantly by Laurence Harvey. We find him watching the first Human Centipede movie. Actually, he is quite infatuated with the film and watches it repeatedly, even made a scrap book for it. He gets it in his greasy little-disturbed mind that he wants to make his own human centipede but bigger and better. So he goes about abducting mostly patrons from the parking garage with a bullet in the leg and a crowbar to the head. He then duct tapes them up and brings them to a secluded empty warehouse to begin his project.

The first half of the movie kind of drags on as we watch Martin collect unwilling participants and get a glimpse into this pathetic home life. He lives with his mother who berates him constantly. She blames him for her husband being in prison for we can only speculate having sexually abused Martin. Martin himself is a gross, dirty, vile looking human being with bugged out eyes like Marty Feldman. He doesn’t speak through the whole movie, just laughs, and grunts and makes other noises occasionally as he obsesses about The Human Centipede.



Martin well adjusted? Try totally fucked up!

Once Martin has all the “pieces” in place the movie picks up a little but only in the sense that it is one regurgitating moment happening after another. Where in the first film Dr. Heiter, took great care and precision in making the human centipede. In the sequel, Martin is a filthy mentally challenged useless pile of shit. He has an idea but no real knowledge or know how, except what he saw in the movie. Where in the first film a scalpel was used with medical accuracy and followed up with sutures and bandages, the perfectly cast poor excuse for a human uses a rusty knife, staple gun and duct tape to do his procedures.

I’ll spare you all the gory details, but let’s just say if you are not a fan of blood, hammer to the teeth, excrement, torturous rape, miscarriages, gratuitous torture and gore, infanticide and painful masturbation this may not be the movie for you.

Shot entirely in black and white for that extra grittiness it also saves us from having to decipher the different types of bodily fluids that are coming out of multiple orifices. Like I said Laurence Harvey does an extremely believable job as Martin, to the point where you think he really is this character. The movie lives up to all it’s hype as being completely revolting on all levels. Director Tom Six’s purpose was to shock and he certainly achieved that with certain scenes that serve no purpose than just that. But as we know shock for shock sake can sometimes be uninteresting and that is Human Centipede II’s biggest fault. Like it’s predecessor it takes a while to get going and your interest wanes until the actual human centipede comes to fruition and then it is just gross out after gross out. The movie itself looks and sounds good, all the effects are top notch, but not sure if the movie itself is compelling enough for multiple viewings.



100% medically inaccurate.

Yes the premise of the film is ridiculous and many of the scenarios are completely inaccurate and unbelievable but I think they need to be to dare I say, give this movie an uplifting momentum.  As disgusting as this movie is, it does not give you that completely overwhelming sense of nihilistic dread that something like how A Serbian Film left you.

If you just want to know the outcome, yes our little Martin does succeed in building a bigger though perhaps not better human centipede. And that is probably a good thing. But there is always part III.


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Damien Glonek Damien is one of the Co-Creators of Living Dead Dolls (The world's longest continuing running horror themed dolls series) as well as the Director of Development at Mezco Toyz. He is also a contributing writer and artist for EvilSpeak magazine as well as previously having contributed to Ultraviolent Magazine. He has been actively vending at horror conventions around the country for the last 20 years beginning with his (now-closed) horror memorabilia company Unearthly Possessions. When not doing all of the above he submerges himself in all aspects of the horror genre and is a big collector of original horror movie posters mostly from the 60s-80s.