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31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 29: Would You Rather

31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 29: Would You Rather


31 Nights of Halloween Horror: Part 29 in a 31 part series.

A horror film reviewed, every night for the month of October. Tonight let’s talk about:
Would You Rather | Dir. David Guy Levy | 2012/USA | 93 mins



Keep  telling yourself, it’s just a game.

The title for this one pretty much sums it up and you can guess what you’re in for. The question really is how good is it? Tonight I will attempt to answer that age-old question, Would You Rather.

Poor broke Iris lost her parents, is living pay check to pay check, is about to lose the family home and is desperately trying to find the money to pay for a bone marrow transplant for her dying brother. A doctor introduces her to Shepard Lambrick a “philanthropist” in the loosest possible term played by Jeffrey “Re-Animator” Combs. Seems he is hosting a dinner party at his place and having a little game of chance where the winner gets all their needs taken care of, in Iris’s case, her house paid off and her brother gets the treatment he needs.

Desperate for any kind of help she accepts the invitation and joins seven other guests who have no idea what they are getting themselves into.


Well that escalated quickly.

Things start off light, with a steak dinner being served and Iris announcing that she is a vegetarian. Lambrick is quick to offer her $10,000 if she eats the meat, which she does. He then quickly notices another guest only drinking the water not the wine. He suspects he is a recovering alcoholic and offers him $5,000 to drink the glass of wine or $50,000 to finish a decanter of scotch. He goes for the big prize. We can see that Lambrick isn’t really that nice of a guy, and despite offering large sums of cash they all come with a price.

However, this is not the game.

Once the plates are cleared and the plastic is rolled out to protect the carpet and walls, we get down to playing the real game… Would You Rather.

The rules are simple, you just answer would you rather do this or that, however, you must actually follow through with your answer. If you do not choose, you will be shot dead. If you take longer than the allotted time to answer, you will be shot dead. Simple enough. The game starts off with would you rather electrocute yourself or someone else. Then moves onto would you rather stab an ice pick in someone’s thigh or whip another person. You get the idea. The options are not going to be fun and we soon learn that they are meant to eliminate opponents until there is one man left standing.

The choices become more and more deadly and the contestants start dropping like flies either being shot or dying from the challenges. Obviously, our main girl Iris is going to survive until the end, but is it too late?



Would you rather watch something else?

An ok premise of a movie, but it never really pushes the envelope or builds up too much tension or suspense. When a guy is forced to slice his eye with a razor blade the scene could have been filmed with a much better build up and kept us on the edge of our seat to see if he would follow through. Or when a guy has to light off an M80 and hold it in his hand, you would expect a much gorier effect then what we get.

We don’t really get to know any of the other characters or their back stories for being there, so ultimately we are not invested in if they live or die. And some characters like Lambrick’s son don’t really seem to add much to the story to begin with. Not the worst movie you will ever see, but it lacks the punch that could have made it stand out more.

The movie is littered with recognizable faces so the acting is up to par, especially Jefferey Combs who really pulls out the charm as the B movie villain he has become type cast to play. Most of the movie takes place in one room so it has that claustrophobic feel but the lack of tension and even a good score in parts takes us out of caring about the characters and just waiting to see who has the guts and who is going to lose them. Would I rather watch this movie or another? Meh, it is short enough to give it a shot, not a bad film but it could have been better in the hands of a writer or director that knows horror.


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Damien Glonek Damien is one of the Co-Creators of Living Dead Dolls (The world's longest continuing running horror themed dolls series) as well as the Director of Development at Mezco Toyz. He is also a contributing writer and artist for EvilSpeak magazine as well as previously having contributed to Ultraviolent Magazine. He has been actively vending at horror conventions around the country for the last 20 years beginning with his (now-closed) horror memorabilia company Unearthly Possessions. When not doing all of the above he submerges himself in all aspects of the horror genre and is a big collector of original horror movie posters mostly from the 60s-80s.