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First Look at Top Gear 2.0

Militant Ginger

While the BBC’s attempt to relaunch its flagship export has floundered, it looks like Amazon’s ‘new and original’ Top Gear tribute is off to a triumphant start. Back in August of last year, Top Gear stars Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond signed a deal with Amazon to present a Prime-only streaming show. It was […]

James Martin to Replace Chris Evans on Top Gear?

Militant Ginger

We broke the news recently that cut-rate Clarkson replacement Chris Evans was being canned from the rebooted BBC Top Gear show, after dire reaction from fans of the series. Now rumours are swirling that celebrity chef James Martin is lined up to replace him. Most Americans won’t be familiar with Martin, but he’s well known […]

Top Gear’s First Casualty is Chris Evans

Militant Ginger

Chris Evans is leaving the Top Gear reboot. For weeks we’ve been complaining about Chris Evans, the new host of the mis-firing Top Gear reboot on the BBC; and we haven’t been alone. The BBC had already agreed to significantly reduce his screen time; and now it seems they’re willing to go even further than […]

Matt Leblanc to Top Gear: Ditch Ginger.

Militant Ginger

Matt Leblanc is threatening to quit the new Top Gear, if they don’t get rid of Chris Evans. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Chris Evans, ever since people compared me to him at school (now I get Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry.) But that’s definitely turned to hate/hate as I’ve seen what he’s […]

Chris Evans to have role ‘significantly reduced’ on Top Gear

Militant Ginger

Chris Evans will have his role as host of Top Gear ‘dialed back.’ The latest episode of the newly-revived Top Gear barely managed to top 2.3 million views on the BBC last week, down almost half from its debut sans Clarkson, May, and Hammond. As the BBC’s flagship show, this is terrible news; and has sent […]

BBC’s Top Gear – the Verdict

Militant Ginger

So this week saw the debut of the new Top Gear on the BBC – the continuation of the popular car show, with an all-new cast following the firing of Jeremy Clarkson, and the mutiny of his co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond. We’ve written extensively about the debacle here. Already people are complaining about […]

‘A Small Puddle of Excellence’? Is ‘Not-Top Gear’ to Get a Name?

Militant Ginger

So the real Top Gear got a trailer last week, and the new-and-original Top Gear starting on Amazon Prime this autumn hasn’t even got a name! But the unholy trio of Clarkson, May, and Hammond released this YouTube video today in which they try and correct that oversight. What do you make of the suggestions? […]

Shots fired: BBC releases trailer for the ‘real’ Top Gear

Militant Ginger

Just this week we were talking about the two Top Gear shows going head-to-head – the BBC original, with it’s all-new cast including Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc, and the ‘new and original’ version on Amazon Prime, with alumni Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard ‘Hamster’ Hammond. Well, today the BBC got the first shot in, […]

Top Gear vs. Top Gear: Battle of the Car Geeks

Militant Ginger

The Top Gear that petrolheads know and love is set to live again on Amazon Prime – but the BBC original is also being resurrected with a new team at the helm. Who’s going to come out on top? There’s a line in Broken Lizard’s hit movie Beerfest, when they lament the loss of their […]

Former Top Gear Hosts Ink Deal with Amazon

Toby Wan-Kenobi

Amazon continues to increase their original content arsenal with the announcement that they have come to a deal with the three recently departed hosts of BBC’s Top Gear, (James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson) and one of the show’s producers to create a new motoring show. No date has been announced yet as to […]

A First Look at Gears of War 4 Prologue

Jake De Great

If you’re a big fan of the Gears of War franchise, here is a nice treat. I’ve been a long time player of the series and received an email today in recognition of my “exemplary service”. That was their marketing words not mine. In the email was the opportunity to take a look at the Prologue play-through for […]

Fast N’ Loud pull a Bait N’ Switch

Militant Ginger

Last night was the hotly-anticipated premiere of Fast N’ Loud‘s new season… but it failed to deliver on one key tease. As Echoba.se’s resident petrolhead, I get my Top Gear fix in the off-season with Discovery Channel’s awesome TV show Fast N’ Loud. I’ve written about it extensively before; and since we’ve spent time defending […]