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Amazing Video Essay on ‘Pixar – What Makes a Story Relatable’

Amazing Video Essay on ‘Pixar – What Makes a Story Relatable’


I watch a LOT of these video essays, and I often find that the videos chosen and the background animations make or break them. That’s the point of a video essay over say a podcast. Show me what you’re talking about in a new and original way. Enter: Kristian Williams.

Kristian Williams (no, not the anarchist author, I don’t think?) appears to be brand new to this. A month ago was Williams’ first video essay on “The Golden Age of Animation“.

Since then Williams has done 3 more, and this most recent one is just absolutely fantastic. Here’s the description: “Toy Story taught us to respect our belongings and cherish our childhood, The Incredibles taught us the value of cooperation and family, and Ratatouille told us a great artist can come from anywhere. Pixar may mean something different to everyone, but it does mean something to EVERYONE.”

Check this out:


He just nails it when he says “Pixar’s true success is in their ability to go beyond the technical and focus on the most important element… the story. From there he gives example after example of how different Pixar truly is and what they’ve accomplished through their stories that give characters depth and most importantly show more than a black and white, good vs. evil, narrative. They show that things are complicated and worthy of deep understanding.

There are tons of comments offering what seems like nothing but praise on his youtube page and I think it’s worth it. Echo Base is definitely subscribing to this channel, expect more from this guy in the future. Also we definitely don’t think you’re a loser. Keep em coming!


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