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And With That, It’s Over. Ween’s Night 3 Caps Off An Amazing Weekend

And With That, It’s Over. Ween’s Night 3 Caps Off An Amazing Weekend


Cover Photo Credit: Jenny Lee Baniszewski, Ween Appreciation Society

It’s really going to be hard for me to put into words what this weekend has meant. I’ve been reunited with old friends, I introduced my fiancee to her first live Ween experience (which blew her mind), I saw my favorite artists of all time not only back together but be extremely happy together, and I am still just blown away by the energy and intensity of their playing, the crowds interaction with their playing, and the whole experience.

Mickey probably said it best on the Ween Appreciation Society last night after the show:

“I’ll make this as short as i can right now. 4 years, and then a few months of thinking about nothing but these gigs. it was a mental ride for sure, the months seemed like years, the days seemed like months–6 weeks, 3 weeks, a week til rehearsals, days until the shows, hours before “the first show”, and now it’s past. it was so much fun that i can’t put it in a post. you people made it happen. my mind was on one thing only — here is a picture that might sum it up. and a huge thank you–you’ll never know how much we love you. no way can i sleep tonight, i just cant believe that we’re not doing it tomorrow night, i don’t want it to end, ever, this feeling…..

I don’t want it to end either, Deaner. As we got back to the hotel room last night, my friend Rachael turns to us and says, doesn’t it feel like a dream? It really does. When I go to concerts I expect a certain amount of issues. Maybe some songs that aren’t perfect, definitely an asshole or two in the crowd, just something. I can tell you with full certainty that this was the best show I’ve ever seen for any reason you could imagine. The people around us were dancing and happy, the band was so fucking on point it’s beyond reason, and I was just straight in the zone for all three shows. Nothing could break my sway.

Photo Credit: Jenny Lee Baniszewski, Ween Appreciation Society
Photo Credit: Jenny Lee Baniszewski, Ween Appreciation Society


Thank you Ween. Your music, your shows, the fans you’ve brought together into this family, it all means a lot to me and a lot of people. Keep on rocking guys, this was too good to ever let end again.

Before I go into the setlist I’d like to also acknowledge a few other amazing people. First this guy Michael Teague, security guard extraordinaire. This guy was giving out free water to the people up front and could not have been more friendly and awesome. All of the security were fun and enjoying the show, same with the beer guys. Great, great staff at the 1stBANK Center last three nights. Photo credit: Mark Baker

mike security guard image


I’d also like to obviously call out Gabe, Kirk, and all the other sound, stage, lighting and crew guys that came out and fucking rocked it as hard as the band, creating one of the best visual and sound experiences possible. I can’t even imagine trying to adapt and change sounds to deal with Ween’s ever changing setlist. And that smoke was seriously on point. Photo credit: Jenny Lee Baniszewski

gabe the stage guy image


Next we gotta mention the fans again. Holy shit people, you gave it your all. Fantastic dancing, cheering, and just generally amazing energy coming from these wonderful brothers and sisters. I saw no fights, very few assholes being obnoxious, and lots of sharing and caring. I love you people. Photo credit: Brock Denker

crowd shot at 1st bank


Here’s the night 3 setlist, which oh man was a freight train of power:

  1. Exactly Where I’m At
  2. Mutilated Lips
  3. She Wanted to Leave
  4. The Final Alarm
  5. Did You See Me?
  6. The Stallion
  7. Freedom of 76
  8. Mononucleosis
  9. Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
  10. Up On The Hill
  11. Learnin’ to Love
  12. (Chant intro) I Can’t Put My Finger On It
  13. Birthday Boy
  14. Chocolate Town
  15. Drifter in the Dark
  16. The Mollusk
  17. Flutes of the Chi
  18. AIDS (HIV)
  19. Squelch The Weasel
  20. Touch My Tooter
  21. Papa Zit
  22. Israel
  23. Piss Up A Rope
  24. Stay Forever
  25. She’s Your Baby
  26. Never Squeal on the Pusher


  1. Tender Situation
  2. Pumpin’ 4 The Man
  3. Common Bitch
  4. Fat Lenny

Surprise Last Song

  1. The Blarney Stone

For all you counting that’s 31 songs tonight, making 93 total songs with no repeats over three days, just one shy of Mickey’s promise of 94. AMAZING.

It should also be mentioned that all 5 of them did amazing solos throughout the three nights, and there was an especially tasty moment last night where Deaner took over drums and Claude shredded his guitar with the intensity of the sun. It was fantastic.

I should also include this picture Mickey shared of all his setlist work. I loved how all 3 nights had their own vibe. I’d say night one was a welcome back party, night two was a kick off the shoes and chill fest with some wake up numbers in between, and night three was an all-out brown-out, heavy with rock. Great work Mickey.

mickeys setlist picture


Here’s a link to a torrent of the songs from last night: https://archive.org/details/ween2016-02-14.dpa4018a.flac16  You should absolutely go download them and the other 2 days right now. Amazing quality. 


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