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Brent Dylan is hopelessly and shamelessly entrenched in the shifty grey counter-culture oblivion of Modern America. He's yet another pop culture casualty who has earbuds in, his eyes on his phone, and his mind in the cloud(s). His biggest passion is experiencing, sharing and spreading the spectrum of emotions via righteous and gnarly music. He also steadfastly believes Han shot first, Tyler Durden is real, and Stan Lee is God.

Sheer Mag Rocks The Wild West

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Sheer Mag is the gritty rock band that you only hear mythical stories about. In a world that has moved on, the true believers desperately yearn for music that is as greasy as it is passionate. This five piece band from Philadelphia bring the in-your-face crunching onslaught that bar room brawls and bad decisions are made […]

Descendents Working on New Material

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That’s right! Chug a bonus cup and clean out your years! You heard it right! Punk rock Godfathers the Descendents are hitting the studio and are set to release a brand new album on Epitaph records. Rumor is to be released sometime this summer. This is huge news considering their last official studio release was 2004’s […]

NOFX Pulverized the House Of Blues

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Life is really strange. That’s why going to see NOFX at the Mandalay Bay was the most gloriously fitting way to end a particularly daunting Monday. Vegas was one of the early dates on the band’s Hepatitis Bathtub Tour which is an excursion in support of their new biography ‘NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other […]

‘Extreme Thing’ Rocks Desert Breeze Park

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My local Parks and Recreation Department is so cool that I harbor serious suspicions that Leslie Knope might work there! Last weekend I got to attend my first Extreme Thing Sports & Music Festival. The annual event takes place at Desert Breeze Park in Clark County Nevada and celebrates similar ethos with the Warped Tour […]

Wrestlemania 32 Preview

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The show of shows! The Grandaddy of em’ all! Dallas will be ground zero for the biggest spectacle in Sports Entertainment history this weekend when Wrestlemania 32 rolls into AT&T Stadium! It’s about this time each year that my inner 8 year old starts feeling the power of the Ultimate Warrior surging through my veins. […]

Beach Slang Light Vegas Ablaze

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Featured Photo Credit: Gary Caldwell   I knew I was in the right spot last Saturday night when James Alex crept up to the mic and announced “We’re Beach Slang and we’re here to punch you in the heart.” I was lucky enough to stumble across this rad Philadelphia based band and their debut album […]

Anti-Flag American Spring Tour Review

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Photo: Alexey Makhov It’s not every day you get a chance to check out a band you’ve listened to for more than half your life! Needless to say I was pretty pumped when I found out that Anti-Flag and Leftover Crack were bringing their chaotic double-bill to The Vinyl at the Hard Rock in Las […]

Feel the ‘Love’ tonight on Netflix

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Fear not skeptics! ‘Love’ is certainly not a typical formulaic rom-com featuring an archetypal slate of trite exaggerations and absurdly implausible “feel good” stories about romantic companionship…or is it? Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin and company do a masterful job of introducing and defining their characters by placing them in impossibly whack situations. While the characters […]

World Be Free is a Gasp of Fresh Air

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I can’t believe my ears as I take in the tunes from the new hardcore “super-group” World Be Free! It seems like it’s been quite a while since the world has had the opportunity to take in new authentic melodic hardcore music with a positive message! No disrespect to NYHC icons H2O who put out […]

The Interrupters Prove Punk Rock is FAR FROM DEAD

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Do you ever find yourself needing a welcome interruption to your regularly scheduled programming? Do you find yourself lamenting the fact that music with a message seems to be fading into the past? Well I am here to dispel your fears and present to you a beacon of hope! The Interrupters are one of the […]