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Brendan is your average run-of-the-mill goofball. He lives to make people laugh and loves to write about things he's totally unqualified to write about. He makes up for lack of knowledge with enthusiasm and deception! Brendan's favorite literary device is a palindrome and if you look carefully at this bio, you'll notice the entire thing "is" a palindrome! His moments of greatest inspiration only come when he's in desperate need of focusing on something else entirely so when you read a particularly insightful article of his, take a moment of silence for the sacrifice that undoubtedly occurred in his life. Between movies & shows, music, and video games, Brendan has a lot to say and only a limited time to say it. So buckle up and let's get to it!

‘Captain Fantastic’: a Sundance Fan Favorite

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Captain Fantastic made its debut at Sundance this year and I was lucky enough to see it. It’s a film that has stuck with me and I’ve been pining for a second viewing since. The official trailer was released two days ago and re-ignited my interest in this movie. The official website offers a taste […]