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Damien is one of the Co-Creators of Living Dead Dolls (The world's longest continuing running horror themed dolls series) as well as the Director of Development at Mezco Toyz. He is also a contributing writer and artist for EvilSpeak magazine as well as previously having contributed to Ultraviolent Magazine. He has been actively vending at horror conventions around the country for the last 20 years beginning with his (now-closed) horror memorabilia company Unearthly Possessions. When not doing all of the above he submerges himself in all aspects of the horror genre and is a big collector of original horror movie posters mostly from the 60s-80s.

31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 13: Session 9

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31 Nights of Halloween Horror: Part 13 in a 31 part series. A horror film reviewed, every night for the month of October. Tonight we’re talking about: Session 9 |Dir. Brad Anderson | 2001/USA | 97 mins.   I’m not going in there. One of the scariest places to venture into is an old abandoned building, […]

31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 12: The Innocents

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God damn. You know how people say with older movies, "oh this is a classic" just because it is old. Well, let me tell you, The Innocents is a classic. One of the best ghost story movies ever made. If someone gives you their list of top ten ghost movies and this isn't in there, then don't trust them. Tonight I will try and convince you to stop what you're doing and watch The Innocents.

31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 11: Baskin

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Up to this point, we have been watching a lot of fun horror films. Whether good or bad, bloody or, well they have all been bloody, they were all a good time. Tonight we are going to explore a film that is much more cerebral than anything else we have viewed so far. Tonight's feature comes from a land not very well know for their output of horror, in fact, I don't think I have ever seen a horror film from this country before. Our feature Baskin (translates to Raid) comes all the way from Turkey.

31 Nights of Halloween Horror Part 10: Evilspeak

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What do you get when you cross Clint Howard, a Commodore 64 and Satan? Take those 3 things and you get tonight’s mess of a movie. Let’s all Hail Satan as we talk about Evilspeak.

31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 9: Young Frankenstein

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Tonight we are going to take a break from the killers and stalkers, the blood and guts, the victims and terror and discuss a film that while has none of that, is still very much a Halloween movie. Tonight we go black and white and venture once more to the castle up on the hill to visit Mel Brook's Young Frankenstein.

31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 8: Don’t Go Near The Park

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I will do my best to try and explain what happens in this movie, but bear with me as about half way through I tried gouging my eyes out with rusty rail road spikes and stuff my ears with burning coals instead of having to endure the pain of this film any longer.

31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 7: Funhouse

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It’s 1981 and that means more teens in peril. Funhouse uses the excellent location of a traveling carnival as its setting for terror and is directed by Texas Chainsaw Massacre grand poobah Tobe Hooper. Funhouse comes two years after his masterful vampire film Salem’s Lot, and for me was the beginning of the end for Tobe Hooper.

31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 6: The Toolbox Murders

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Don’t you love having a preconceived notion about a movie based on its title or poster art and it turns out to be something different. That’s what happened with The Toolbox Murders. I thought it would be another 80's slasher movie about a guy killing girls with tools, and it sort of is, but then it stops and becomes something else. Tonight it’s Tool Time.

31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 5: The Boogey Man

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Why oh why did I watch this movie? These are only some of the questions you will be asking yourself after viewing The Boogeyman. I have a high tolerance for bad cinema, I enjoy what most people call trash, but this one just really struck me the wrong way.

31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 4: Night School

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Night School is a forgotten by the numbers slasher that kinds of falls short on what could have been a better movie. So what’s going on in this run of the mill slasher film? Well seems some women are losing their heads.

31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 3: Motel Hell

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I don’t recall exactly the last time I saw this flick. It might have been when it was first on HBO in the early 80s. I remember it being more taboo than it actually turns out to be. So let’s take a look at the Blu-Ray from Scream Factory and see what kind of critters are making Farmer Vincent’s fritters.

31 Nights of Halloween Horror Part 2: Bloody Moon

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What would the Halloween season be without a Jess Franco movie? And before you say "a good season", this Franco film is definitely worth checking out. So let’s take a trip to the lavish Spanish countryside where murder and mystery, nudity and gore abound.