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Doug is a lifelong film enthusiast and like a lot of others from that generation can trace it back to when he saw Star Wars as a kid in 1977 for the first time. He spent a good part of his formative years working in video stores jockeying VHS tapes across the counter. Doug genuinely enjoy movies in an irony-free way and love all kinds of films from the Arthouse to the Grindhouse. If anyone is going to take movies too seriously around here, it's gonna be him.

A Conversation with the Host of the HellBent For Horror Podcast

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  Welcome to another edition of Independent’s Day, a place where we interview creative people who are doing their own thing. A few months ago, my friend and fellow Echo Base writer Damien texted me late one night from a convention he was at and told me ‘dude, you should be here’. He went on […]

The Hateful Thing – Visual Similarities Between Two Films

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I stumbled upon this clever short video today on the internet, and it is a real treat for cinephiles like me. The Hateful Thing is a short film connecting the visuals of John Carpenter’s 1982 masterpiece The Thing and Quentin Tarantino’s latest opus The Hateful Eight. The editor here does a really terrific job of […]

BMW Films Presents THE ESCAPE

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In the early days of this new century, BMW decided to make some branded films to showcase their line of cars and team up with creative filmmakers and actors to highlight a new form of advertising on the internet. The result was a film series called The Hire, starring Clive Owen as the man behind […]

Next Summer We Will find a New LIFE!

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During last week’s episode of the Walking Dead, a surprise movie trailer was dropped right in the middle of the commercial breaks. A new science fiction film is coming next summer about the first contact with alien life in space. Things do not seem to go to well for the crew involved and it gets all […]

The New Documentary About ‘De Palma’ Is Untouchable!

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The boys of the new Hollywood of the 1970’s: De Palma, Spielberg and Scorsese   Looking for something to watch this weekend? You could do a lot worse than checking out some of the great Brian De Palma films out there on disc or streaming. Just look at some of the filmography below from one […]

John Wick: Chapter 2 – Dressed and Ready to Re-Load!

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This weekend at NYCC they promoted and released the trailer for John Wick: Chapter 2. Let me tell you the first John Wick was such a surprise for me. I did not expect it to be as good as it was. John Wick felt like a throwback to the kinds of action movies they made […]

Japan’s Godzilla is Ready to Strike in October!

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The long awaited return of Toho Studios to reboot Godzilla has made it’s way stateside. Funimation films has the American rights and will be putting out the film in limited theaters the week of October 11th. You can check the website HERE for information on where it is playing in your town. Check out the […]

You Can Eat the World With Emeril Lagasse on Amazon Prime

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  Most of the time around here I am talking about movies. Movies are my #1 thing. But I also have another passion for a different sort of entertainment and that is travel and food shows. I have watched so many of these kinds of shows over the years I have lost count. I go way […]

This Fall, the Ball is Back and Looking Better than Ever!

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  Phantasm is back this fall and has been restored to its full glory! I gotta admit to something right upfront: I was never a fan of this movie or series.  I do not say that with any sort of pride or snark. I just never caught up with the first film until I was too […]

Anna Biller’s Love Witch Wants to Cast Her Spell on You

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    There is a new filmmaker making the festival rounds as of late and she is dabbling in an interesting recreation or throwback to 60’s and 70’s exploitation and horror. Anna Biller has written, directed, and has seemingly crafted a beautiful looking movie about a witch who is using her powers to seduce men into […]

The Great Wall and the New Age of Blockbuster Movies!

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For a long time now Hollywood has been courting the global film market in a way we have never seen. From the input of foreign money into backing U.S. Studios and film projects to the opening of films across the globe BEFORE the U.S. has a chance to see it, things are changing and changing […]

The Rock is in as Doc Savage!

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Some good news out today on this holiday weekend… First of all if you are looking for a great movie to see that does not include superheros, then you should run right out and see The Nice Guys. Shane Black’s comedy action movie about a couple of bumbling P.I.’s trying to solve a ‘who done […]