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Doug is a grab-basket of dysfunction that has been accused of being "the life of the party", even though he thinks of himself as "late to re-binge-watching The Office on his permanently indented couch." An almost obsessive-compulsive consumer of music, video games, and sundry geek-centric forms of media, he spends the majority of his time arguing about how much better Tarantino movies are than anything anybody anywhere else likes (I'm looking at you, Everybody That Doesn't Agree With Me) and thinking about how to most hilariously murder one of his roommate's two cats. In between those glorious times, he practices home inspections, plays with his microKorg, and contributes regularly to Echobase.

Johnny Depp, Edgar Wright, Neil Gaiman, Oh My! “Fortunately, the Milk” Set to Become a Film

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…Oh, and Bret McKenzie, star of and writer for The Flight of the Conchords. What’s that? I should explain myself because I’m being a really shitty journalist right now? A bunch of names at the top of a news story doesn’t do a damn thing for any of you? Bread makes you fat?! Fair enough. All four of those […]

Indie Studio Bit2Good’s “Goggles: The World of Vaporia” Released Today on Steam

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It is a good time to be an indie game developer. Engines have never been less expensive for small teams and people seem to be hellbent on rooting for the so-called “underdogs” of the medium. Steam recognizes this, being the business-savvy bros they are, and so we get to see yet another exciting looking Indie title come […]

Director Named to Develop “The Flash” Film Sparks Controversy

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Bestselling author Seth Grahame-Smith has been tapped as the director at the helm of Warner Bros.‘ The Flash film. The movie already has a planned release date (March 3, 2018) and a lead actor who is expected to play the “Fastest Man Alive” (The Perks of Being a Wallflower‘s Ezra Miller). Best known for his award-winning novels Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and Pride […]

Fox Remaking “Lethal Weapon” Into a TV Series…I’m NOT Too Old For This S#!t

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  You read that right: Fox has plans to develop a brand new take on the Lethal Weapon film franchise. Better yet? The original producers of the movies gave them their blessing, which I am going to take as a good to fair sign that they’re at least attempting to make it not suck. If there was ever a […]

Square Enix Ditches Disastrous Deus Ex Pre-Order Plan

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Back at the beginning of September, Square Enix decided they were going to try something new and exciting. Instead of rolling out pre-orders for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided  in the old-fashioned way (creating separatism among fans by roping them into bullshit “console and retail exclusives”, for instance), they were going to allow the wide world of Deus Ex fans to “Augment […]

INTERVIEW/REVIEW: Deathgasm Brings Death to False Metal-and Demons-in Grand Fashion

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***SPOILERS AHEAD!*** “…Did that seriously just happen? Guys! GUYS!!! Come in here. This seriously just fucking happened…” Those words above became an unintentional mantra in my house about two weekends ago. Because two weekends ago, I sat down after a very busy day, opened a bottle of dark stout, and watched Deathgasm. Deathgasm 90 Minutes Dark […]

PayPal Backing for Shenmue III Opened More Than a Week Ago–Why Does Nobody Care?

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Anyone who watched E3 this year knows exactly what happened. It hasn’t left our heads since. It won’t be leaving them any time soon. This year was the ultimate year of fan service. It was an E3 that felt like it positively hinged on giving us, the consumers, what we’ve wanted for a very long time. In case you needed […]

Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” Album Free Today on Google Play!

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For a limited time only (today, and only today), you can get a free copy of Pink Floyd‘s “Wish You Were Here” on the Google Play Store. It’s no surprise, really; Google is running a promotion for their Google Play Music service. BUT…why not take advantage of it with an album you can just save to your Android […]

Unite 2015 Game Giveaway: We Have a Winner!!!

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As promised, during our time at the Unite 2015 Boston Conference, we held a contest. The rules were simple: Any time you would see the hashtag #Unite2015 in our social media posts, interact with us via that Echo Base Facebook or Twitter post. Each interaction would be considered an entry into the contest. And on Friday, September 25th, […]

Unite 2015 Boston: The Wrap-Up

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Yesterday, when Shane and I left the company of fellow Echo Base writer Sam Segal and prepared for our long trek back home, the air surrounding us was charged with electricity. We had done it. We had tackled the Unite Conference as a news team. Going into this, none of us knew what to expect. Sure, on a base […]

Unite 2015 Boston: Fireside Chat with Rob Pardo – The Evolution of Gaming

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As the end of the Unite 2015 Boston conference draws near, things have become a bit more casual around the John B. Hynes Memorial Convention Center. There is a noticeable lull in the fervor and frenzy that has been steadily present in the previous days. Really, it is a perfect time to sit down, relax, […]

Unite 2015: Unity Awards Winners!

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As the last day approaches of Unite 2015 Boston, the excitement here has reached a fever pitch. Everyone from every corner of the gaming and software development industry has come out in full support of the Unity engine and their fellow developers. Tonight, in the hallowed halls of the John B. Hynes Memorial Convention Center, […]