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Working screenwriter since 2007. Lover of Pez candy since 1980.

An Interview With “Killing Hasselhoff” Screenwriter Peter Hoare

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I recently had the opportunity to catch up with old friend and the talented writer of “Killing Hasselhoff,” Peter Hoare. In the interest of seeing whether or not I was capable of conducting an interview I decided to do so. FREDERICK SETON: So, you recently moved from Long Island to Los Angeles. Any culture shock at […]

Things Fall Apart…But Why?

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I was fixing to make my first contribution something about Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four run because it is not only a stellar, cohesive story but also because the Fantastic Four is in the zeitgeist and the strongest elements of Hickman’s run are great instructions on how to write a large and thrilling story for Hollywood […]

Jonathan Hickman Must Be Stopped

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Franklin Richards is probably the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe that you’ve never heard of. The son of Susan and Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, Franklin is a mutant with with the ability to alter the rules of reality itself. His breadth and scope of his abilities causes Norse Gods to soil themselves, […]

The Writers Guild Strikes Back!

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In 2007 into 2008, after negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) broke down, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) went on strike. The major bones of contention on the table were terms concerning New Media, Animation, Reality programming, and (don’t laugh) DVD residuals. When an agreement was finally reached the […]

Is An Off-Hand Remark Just What Warner Bros. Needs?

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While participating in a Q&A panel at the Wizard World Chicago comic book convention, Nathan Fillion was asked which superhero he would choose to play if given the choice. His answer was Booster Gold, the ego-driven, wisecracking superhero from the future. Part of what has made Marvel films so successful lies in the fact that […]

Martin Pasko’s Swamp Thing Run

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To the casual comic book fan the history of Swamp Thing goes something like this: There was the original run by Len Wein & Bernie Wrightston, writer Alan Moore takes over, everyone else follows. What is often lost if not outright dismissed is Martin Pasko’s run on Saga of the Swamp Thing between 1982 and 1983. […]

Same John Constantine, Same Problems?

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Let’s get two things out of the way right quick: 1.) Matt Ryan’s portrayal of John Constantine is great and 2.) The less said about Francis Lawrence’s Constantine movie the better. It turns out the rumors were true and Matt Ryan will once more take on the trench coat of John Constantine in upcoming episodes […]