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ModCon02 has a long and fruitful history of loving and hating popular culture, music, movies and books. He is sitting, somewhat comfortably, in North America but his heart belongs to Sheffield.

‘Luke Cage’ Brings The Ruckus To Netflix

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Back in March I said all signs pointed to ‘Luke Cage’ being another win in the already rich Marvel/Netflix partnership, and Sweet Christmas was I right.   ‘Luke Cage’ debuted on Friday September 30th and then Netflix went down on Saturday, October 1st. Overload from ‘Cage’ bingewatchers? Could be, comrades. Could be. The Twittersphere was […]

‘Hot’ Times: Squirrel Nut Zippers’ Unlikely Hit Turns 20

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Goodness me. Has it really been a whole year since we started up Echo Base? And has it really been 20 years since I first discovered the Squirrel Nut Zippers? Really? It has been? I looked up the stats on Wikipedia and other, less reliable, sources and it would seem to be the case. Golly! […]

Two Nights Of Garbage

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The band Garbage is celebrating 21 years of angst-driven Art-Rock with a cracking new record and a world tour. ModCon02 happened to catch two of their shows 3 days apart. His report follows. July 27th – What The Hell Am I Doing In Sayreville, New Jersey? Despite a broken wrist and a non-functioning tail light- […]

The Witch Is Back! ‘The Woods’ Revealed As ‘Blair Witch 3’

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There was a screening on Friday at San Diego Comic-Con of the new horror film ‘The Woods’. Only, it wasn’t ‘The Woods’ that attendees got to see – it was ‘Blair Witch 3’. Or, to give it the proper, studio-confirmed title, simply ‘Blair Witch’. Yes, comrades  – Lionsgate Studio pulled a “JJ Abrams” on us […]

‘Ghostbusters’ 2016 – Is It “Booyah!” Or “Boo!”?

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After what has at times felt like an interminably long wait, the new ‘Ghostbusters’ movie is here. Wait. Scratch that. It hasn’t “felt” like a long wait; it has been a very long wait. As far back as 1999, Dan Akroyd was working on a 3rd film in the franchise. Stories and rumors swirled around […]

The Sulu Question: Simon Pegg Responds To George Takei

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I haven’t been overly fond of J. J. Abrams’ reboot of the ‘Star Trek’ movies. Nothing against the new cast, I hasten to clarify. Most of my issues are with the scripts, which until recently were products of the Orci/Kurtzman writing team. So the news that Simon Pegg was taking over writing duties for movie […]

Spielberg’s ‘The BFG’: A Lonely Victory

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I myself don’t go in for predictions all that often. Furthermore, I generally distrust people who do go in for predictions. It’s a dull eye that claims to know the future, as someone might once have said. That aside, I’m predicting that Steven Spielberg’s film of Roald Dahl’s beloved book ‘The BFG’ will be better […]

‘RiffTrax Live/MST3K: The Reunion’ Post-Show Review!

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Dateline: June 28th, Somewhere In New Jersey. Myself and 200 fellow MISTIES* piled into a movie theater to watch a live feed of the RiffTrax/MST3K Reunion. All across the country, others were doing the same. It was beaming in all the way from the beautiful State Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Funded in large part via […]

‘MST3K’ Plus ‘RiffTrax’ Equals… Hope?

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Last year’s Kickstarter campaign to resurrect Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K for brevity’s sake) was an unabashed triumph. It was also, in many respects, an object lesson in being careful what you wish for. MST3K was/is a cult icon. The show about a hapless human and his robot comrades being forced to watch cheesy movies […]

‘Finding Dory’ – Pixar & Disney Keep On Swimming

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When it comes to sequels, Pixar have a slightly mixed track record. Every one of the ‘Toy Story’ sequels is brilliant. In fact, I’d argue that 3 is the best of the bunch. ‘Monsters University’ is a pleasant, if unnecessary, prequel to ‘Monsters Inc.’. Meanwhile, ‘Cars 2’… Well, it’s easily as good as ‘Cars’. (Full […]

Why The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Is Going To Rock

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Hello. I’m ModCon02. I write the occasional review/overly-wordy declaration of love, or; diatribe/rant here at Echo Base. You may have read one of my overly-wordy declarations of love for such TV shows as Doctor Who or Jessica Jones. Maybe you saw my overly-wordy diatribe about the Sadness That Was Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. […]

‘A Monster Calls’ This October

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As part of my research into upcoming Doctor Who spin-off Class, I read Patrick Ness’ ‘A Monster Calls’. Ness is the creator/showrunner of Class, but is best known for his Young Adult fiction. I was determined to read some of that work before Class debuted. But frankly, I didn’t have time to read his award-winning […]