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ModCon02 has a long and fruitful history of loving and hating popular culture, music, movies and books. He is sitting, somewhat comfortably, in North America but his heart belongs to Sheffield.

Oscars & Activism, Looking For Rey & Ignoring ‘Creed’

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Oscars 88 is looming comrades! The 88th annual Academy Awards come to ABC on February 28th and, well… there’s been some frank and open discussions about What It All Means. For better or worse, here’s my 2 cents worth. As always, I will note that all opinions expressed herein are my own and not the […]

The X Files Returns. And It’s… Weird.

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“The X Files”, the 90s TV series that went from cult hit to Emmy-winning ratings champ, while also helping to cement FOX as a legitimate fourth network, has returned as a 6 episode “prestige mini series”.   Make no mistake: this is a show that defined the 90s as much as any grunge band or […]

J. K. Rowling & The Twittering MP – Or: Kanye Who?

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What a time to be alive. These days, in that strange nexus of pop culture whimsy and the 24-hour news cycle, a Twitter spat between over-indulged celebrities (that is, a spat between celebrities on the social media site known as “Twitter”) can very quickly blow up into a “Story Of Interest”. Recently, Over-Indulged Celebrity & Genius […]

2015 Round Up Pt 2: ModCon Hears Music!

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2015 had too many great records. Unlike, say, 2014, this was a year that started strong and barely let up for the next 12 months. How great was 2015? So great that I’m not even going to try and squeeze it into a “Top 10”. Oh no. We’re going month by month on this one, […]

Benji Hughes ‘Animals’: 2016’s First LoveIt/Hate It LP?

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Benji Hughes’ “Songs In The Key Of Animals” is the North Carolinian’s first proper, full-length record since 2008’s “A Love Extreme”; a double LP of eccentric, Beck-style folk rock and weird electro jams with titles like “The Mummy” and “Tight Tee Shirt”. It was a critical fave, unsurprisingly (music critics in general seem to lose […]

Savage Adoration: Savages New LP Kicks Despair In The Teeth.

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Savages’ second album “Adore Life” wastes no time in getting straight to it’s main thematic, er “thrust”. Over a churning whirl of guitar, bass and drums, vocalist Jehnny Beth recites the lines “if you don’t love me/you don’t love anybody… ain’t you glad it’s you?” These words are almost chanted rather than sung, and if […]

2015 Round Up Pt.1: ModCon Goes To The Movies

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In which I list 2015’s best motion pictures, according to me, as I saw it. Except… Honestly, I kind of hate those sort of things. So, no. I won’t do this like a list. This is the year in movies as I experienced it. Good, bad, indifferent. WHAT I LIKED Upfront, I have to acknowledge […]

David Bowie 1947-2016

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David Bowie, arguably the most influential and certainly one of the most loved performers of the last half-century, has died from cancer. He was 69. Any words being used to sum up his career, his contributions to music and art, indeed, his impact on our culture, will be insufficient. The man was an icon. He […]

‘STAR WARS: The Force Awakens’ – Second Thoughts

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I knew as soon as I watched the credits roll I’d be seeing “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” a second time. Not because I’d just had a great, thrilling time watching J.J. Abrams reboot my childhood myths. It was thrilling, and I did have a great time. But I knew I’d have to see it […]

‘Star Wars Episode IV’ – Echo Base Team Reflects on the Beginning

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  Like many others out there the team here at Echo Base is pretty excited for the new Star Wars The Force Awakens movie. You pretty much have to been living on an island to not have let Star Wars affect you in some way over the years. This series has been ingrained into the […]

It’s ALIVE! MST3K Kickstarter Makes History! Now What?

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In what can best be described as “…a bit of a nailbiter”, the Kickstarter campaign to crowd fund 12 new episodes of the venerable cult TV classic “Mystery Science Theater 3000” (aka MST3K) came to a smashingly successful end an hour ago as of this writing. Not only was the campaign’s top goal of 5.5 […]

‘Doctor Who’ Goes To ‘Heaven’. And It’s Hellish.

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The current series of ‘Doctor Who’ aired it’s penultimate episode this Saturday, and, well… “Heaven Sent” was a head scratcher and a mind twister of a story set in a gloomy old castle that would make Bela Lugosi green with envy. (I suppose here’s where I warn you about “spoilers”. Warning: Spoilers.) Actually, spoilers aren’t […]