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ModCon02 has a long and fruitful history of loving and hating popular culture, music, movies and books. He is sitting, somewhat comfortably, in North America but his heart belongs to Sheffield.

Doctor Who. Series 9. New Trailer. Boom.

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Hullo. Um, quick preamble: I’m not doing it. You know, “it”? That thing every person who writes about “Doctor Who” does nowadays? Go into a long, semi-accurate recap of what the show is and why there’s so many bloody different Doctors and Companions? Yeah. Not doing it. I’m guessing that if you’re pausing to read […]

“This Is Not A Side Project. This Is The Real Stuff”: Franz Ferdinand Meet Sparks – FFS

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Collaborations in popular music are tricky. When David Bowie collaborated with Queen, the result was the sublime “Under Pressure”. Yet, Bowie collaborating with Mick Jagger yielded the re-goddam-diculous cover of “Dancin’ In The Street”. Run-DMC’s hook-up with Aerosmith on a hip-hop revamp of “Walk This Way” was, arguably, groundbreaking. LL Cool J’s run-in with Brad […]

“The Ineffable Truth Of Contact” – Or: Why Tabletop Is The Best Show On YouTube

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I’m gonna be honest here – about a year or so ago, I seriously considered taking a permanent vacation from “nerd culture”. Why? Well… See, here’s the thing: I am a self-identified “nerd”. Or, if you’d rather, “geek”. (I say “nerd” because that’s actually way more “au courant” than “geek”, but… hey. Labels suck. Whatever.) […]

“A Piece Of My Psychic Real Estate” – Or: That Movie That Changed The Way I Watched Movies

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  It’s extreme, but not even remotely hyperbolic, to say that my life would have been very different had I not seen Wim Wenders’ “Paris, Texas” at the age of 13. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is up for debate, I guess, but it’s definitely a “thing”: there was the me […]