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Mara is child trapped in the body of an adult. Blanket forts are her preferred writing zones. When her head isn't in the clouds and she isn't writing, Mara enjoys playing games of all kinds, be they board, video, or card. If it's a game she is at least partially interested in it. A self imposed shut in, she is most known for binging on whole seasons of TV or Animes and working on puzzles while she watches. Nothing over 1000 pieces though, she's not that daring yet. Also an avid book lover, she has no qualms digging deep to find the next book to add to her overflowing shelves. Sometimes her daydreams are pure fanservice, and other times she crafts masterpieces that she will probably never share with the world because she's a bit shy. An also fanatical lover of Disney and its magic, it's only fitting that she loves Harry Potter too.