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Born and raised in the cathedral city of Winchester, Roland earned his Eurotrash merit badge in Paris before moving to America to seek his fortune. If you've seen it, please give him a shout, because he's still looking. A digital Don Draper with a Hemingway complex, Roland pays the bills with his social media savvy, but under various nom de plumes is a top-ranked Amazon author after hours, and is impatiently awaiting the day he can give up the rat race forever and write schlock in a cabin in the mountains.

Thor <3 Hulk – Would you ship it?

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So while the rest of us are getting excited about Captain America: Civil War, the next installment in the Thor franchise has quietly started filming down in Australia. But what’s the real surprise? That it may contain a full-on bromance between Thor and Hulk. Thor: Ragnarok is based on the comic series of the same […]

‘Supernatural’ Asks: If Cars Could Talk

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So, Supernatural did a cool thing this week, with an episode shot entirely from the perspective of their ’67 Impala ‘Baby.’ It showed a lot of things that we don’t normally get to see in our adventures with the Winchester brothers – and begs the question: “If cars from hit movies and TV shows could […]

It’s Time to Have an Uncomfortable Conversation About SXSW

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This week, South By Southwest announced that it was canceling two panels, due to unspecified ‘threats’ being made against them. At this point, over 20 media articles have appeared blaming the “#gamergate” movement. But is this really what happened? First off, I’d like to state that this article is my own opinion, and not representative of Echoba.se as […]

Lucasfilm Confirms: Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones

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With the new Star Wars spinoff movies about to recast the role of a young Han Solo, many people have been wondering if Harrison Ford’s other iconic character, Indiana Jones, will get a brash, young replacement. Well, in with the possibility of an Indiana Jones 5 floating about, the big-wigs at Lucasfilm had nipped that rumor […]

Boom! ‘Sherlock Christmas Special’ Trailer Hits!

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We got a taste of it a few months ago, but now Masterpiece PBS has released a full-length trailer for this Christmas’ Victorian-set Sherlock special.  

Walking Dead Spoilers: (REDACTED) Isn’t Dead?

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In last night’s amazing episode of The Walking Dead, we apparently saw the end of fan-favorite Glenn – one of only a few original cast members still standing. But did Maggie’s husband really buy it? Or is it all a trick? Spoiler’s ahead, people. If you saw last night’s episode of TWD, you’re probably in […]

Jared Leto’s Joker Gets the Front Page

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British Batfans got a treat today, when Empire magazine delivered their December issue with Jared Leto’s Joker gracing the cover. But here’s the big question – do you like the look, or not? The Joker is one of the most iconic badguys in comic book history, and has had multiple incarnations (as I’ve written about […]

For the last time, Daniel Craig is NOT quitting Bond!

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Daniel Craig’s press tour for Spectre has caused almost as many headlines as the upcoming movie itself – but let’s set the record straight. He’s NOT giving up the tuxedo any time soon. We all love a good headline, and Daniel Craig provides plenty of them. Ever since he muttered that he’d rather ‘slit his […]

Super Troopers 2 is GO, PEOPLE!

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Forget Star Wars. Ignore Spectre. The REAL sequel we’re looking forward to is Super Troopers 2 – and FILMING STARTED TODAY! Broken Lizard alumni Erik Stolhanske just posted this picture from the set – showing him and Kevin Heffernan (complete with Officer Farva’s regulation-issue moustache.) With a crowd-funded budget of $4.4 million – the most exciting Indiegogo campaign […]

Did Playboy Just Jump the Shark?

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If you’re as much of a fan of naked ladies as I am, you’re no doubt shocked and appalled by the news that Playboy magazine – the icon of softcore nudity worldwide – is going ‘nudity free’ in 2016. But the real question is: Will it destroy the brand? The Playboy bunny is the second-most […]

What’s the best ‘Back to the Future Day’ marketing piece?

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It’s finally here – the day I’ve been dreaming about ever since I was a kid. It’s the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to ‘the future’ in their time-travelling DeLorean. Only it’s not the future any more. It’s now. And in what must be one of the most fun marketing experiences of my […]

Why I’m calling Bullshit on #BoycottStarWarsVII

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Yesterday, the new trailer for Star Wars Episode VII hit, and if you didn’t wet your pants a little I’m ashamed of you. It looks incredibly thrilling, and I got goosebumps watching it. Interestingly enough, at the same time the movie dropped, so did a new hashtag on Twitter: #BoycottStarWarsVII Apparently, there’s a movement on Twitter […]