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Born and raised in the cathedral city of Winchester, Roland earned his Eurotrash merit badge in Paris before moving to America to seek his fortune. If you've seen it, please give him a shout, because he's still looking. A digital Don Draper with a Hemingway complex, Roland pays the bills with his social media savvy, but under various nom de plumes is a top-ranked Amazon author after hours, and is impatiently awaiting the day he can give up the rat race forever and write schlock in a cabin in the mountains.

The Civil War Begins

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Choose your side…  

Bond in Motion – James Bond’s legendary vehicles came to Covent Garden, London

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James Bond’s legendary vehicles came to Covent Garden. Last week, I had the opportunity to hit up the new Bond in Motion exhibit, at the International Film Museum in Covent Garden, London. The largest collection of props and vehicles from the EON James Bond movies ever assembled, Bond in Motion gave 007 fans like me an […]

Was victory over ‘The Puppies’ a disaster for the Hugo Awards?

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The ugly truth about Sci-Fi’s most prestigious awards… The inimitable Maddie Ferguson wrote an awesome piece about the Hugo Awards the other day, but being the obstinate bastard that I am, I feel I have to write a dissenting opinion. Until this August, the Hugo Awards were considered the most prestigious awards for writers of […]

Choose your Side! Captain America: Civil War gets its lineup…

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Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner posted concept art from Captain America: Civil War – and it looks like we finally know which side our heroes are taking in the upcoming conflict! According to this, it looks like Tony Stark’s allies in his efforts to register and regulate super-powered humans will include Black Widow, the Black Panther, […]

An Opposing View on The Man From UNCLE

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The Man From UNCLE proves that not everything is greater than the sum of its parts. So as part of a beer-fueled Echoba.se field trip, designer extrordinaire Wiizzy Wiig and I hit the multiplex to see The Man From UNCLE, and potentially offer an opposing view to Rob’s kick-ass review of it. *Some minor spoilers may […]

Filming begins on Harry Potter spin-off “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

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I’m not the biggest Potter-head in the world, but even I was stoked by Warner Brother’s announcement today that filming had begun on the first of the hotly-anticipated Harry Potter spinoffs Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The movie is based on a fictional tome mentioned several times during the series, and later turned […]

Joker’s Wild – Who Was The Best Clown Prince of Crime?

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In an act worthy of The Joker himself, pirates leaked the trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie from San Diego Comic Con; forcing Warner Brothers to release the trailer early, and give everybody a glimpse of Jared Leto playing DC’s most iconic badguy – The Joker. So perhaps now’s a time to look back over previous […]

Does The Punisher Fit the Crime?

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The Punisher is coming to Netflix’s show Daredevil – and it’s kind of bittersweet. So, a couple of days ago, JustJared.com leaked a couple of pictures from the set of Season 2 of Daredevil, Netflix’s hit show set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The pictures are of Walking Dead alumni Jon Bernthal kicking butt and taking […]