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Born and raised in the cathedral city of Winchester, Roland earned his Eurotrash merit badge in Paris before moving to America to seek his fortune. If you've seen it, please give him a shout, because he's still looking. A digital Don Draper with a Hemingway complex, Roland pays the bills with his social media savvy, but under various nom de plumes is a top-ranked Amazon author after hours, and is impatiently awaiting the day he can give up the rat race forever and write schlock in a cabin in the mountains.

Will the Comic Catch Up with The Walking Dead? [Warning: Spoilers]

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All summer long, we’ve been waiting to discover who Negan pummels to death in the opening scenes of the new The Walking Dead season. But it looks like something else from the comics is going to occur too – and Negan is going to get a macabre honor denied to The Governor. According to this […]

First Look at Top Gear 2.0

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While the BBC’s attempt to relaunch its flagship export has floundered, it looks like Amazon’s ‘new and original’ Top Gear tribute is off to a triumphant start. Back in August of last year, Top Gear stars Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond signed a deal with Amazon to present a Prime-only streaming show. It was […]

Amazon Declares War on Incentivized Reviews

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Amazon have banned reviews given in exchange for a ‘free’ sample product. Online reviews are the latest battleground in the digital economy. After a massively damaging video went viral – revealing that over 20% of reviews on Amazon were ‘incentivized’ (either paid-for, or given in exchange for a free product) the world’s biggest online retailer […]

No Man’s Sky Becomes a No Man’s Land

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No Man’s Sky was supposed to be one of the most exciting game releases of 2016 – what went wrong? We’ve already written about the complaints made against No Man’s Sky, the indie space exploration game from Guildford, England, which was picked up by Sony and given dubious AAA backing. Promoted as a massively explorable […]

Finally, you can take the helm of a Star Trek starship!

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The Star Trek franchise has produced some of the worst games in video game history – but it looks like Star Trek: Bridge Crew could be the game we’ve been waiting our whole lives for. I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid my friends and I would arrange chairs in the […]

The Dark Tower: All Paths Follow the Miniseries

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So the hotly-anticipated Dark Tower movie is looming on the horizon, with Idris Elba taking the lead as gunslinger Roland Deschain. But it appears his voyage to the center of the world-that-was won’t stop when the credits roll. A companion TV show is set to debut on terrestrial TV in 2018 as well. As fans […]

Luke Cage is why we can’t have nice things…

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The third of Netflix’s Marvel-themed shows debuted this week, and Luke Cage has fans and critics entranced. As our own ModCon02 described it: “All signs pointed to ‘Luke Cage’ being another win in the already rich Marvel/Netflix partnership, and Sweet Christmas was I right.” For me, I’m interested in the show’s success after the heated debate we […]

You Are God challenges our beliefs

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A while ago, we wrote about the mind-blowing ramifications of No Man’s Sky. If anybody has studied The Simulation Hypothesis, it’s pretty crazy to think that the very world we experience could be nothing more than a computer simulation.  Well, now our theological presumptions are going to be tested even further, with the crowd-funded game […]

Willie Nelson in Super Troopers 2 Cameo

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At the climax of Broken Lizard’s other masterwork, Beerfest, our heros find themselves in a dark alleyway in Amsterdam, where pot-smoking legend Willie Nelson recruits them for ‘potfest.’ It was an unexpected cameo (and one that led to years of demands for a Potfest movie.)   Hey @willienelson… “You wanna know why we pulled you […]

Just JoKing Debuts on YouTube

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This weekend, a new animated comedy show debuted its pilot on YouTube. Just JoKing is the brainchild of Pennsylvannia-based stand up comedian Josiah James, who teamed up with animator Chris Silvestre to produce an animated version of his hilarious stand-up sets.   We caught up with Josiah to find out a little more about the […]

Super Troopers 2 Social Media Confusion

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Echoba.se is your news source for Super Troopers 2 information. We broke the news that they’d started filming the hotly anticipated sequel, way back last year… and almost exactly twelve months later, we’re here to explain why people are claiming they’ve ‘just started filming’ all over again. It’s pretty confusing. News outlets are posting ‘the […]

iPhone 7 Does Away with Headphone Jack

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It’s hardly unexpected news, but Apple has nixed the headphone jack in its new iPhone 7 – leaving many wondering just how far their non-standardization will continue to go. Here at Echoba.se, we have an editorial policy of positivity – we try not to slam or rant because there are plenty of other websites where […]