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Born and raised in the cathedral city of Winchester, Roland earned his Eurotrash merit badge in Paris before moving to America to seek his fortune. If you've seen it, please give him a shout, because he's still looking. A digital Don Draper with a Hemingway complex, Roland pays the bills with his social media savvy, but under various nom de plumes is a top-ranked Amazon author after hours, and is impatiently awaiting the day he can give up the rat race forever and write schlock in a cabin in the mountains.

Echoba.se Takes a Look at Battlefield 1 Beta

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I’ve never been much of one for multiplayer combat games – but I am a nut about history. That’s why I was excited when I heard that the latest iteration of the Battlefield series by Electronic Arts was going to go old-school, and take modern combat back to its birth in World War One. I […]

Vid.Me Responds to Youtube Censorship Rumors with Big F**king Advert

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Over the last few days, the Internet has been awash with rumors that YouTube – the world’s biggest free-form video sharing platform – is ‘censoring video bloggers.’ It’s actually pretty hyperbolic, like all those people who cut and pasted that “I do not give Facebook permission to….” stuff into their feeds a few months ago, when […]

Are The Boys Back in Blue for Super Troopers 2?

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As soon as Super Troopers 2 was announced, one mystery obsessed the most anal of fans. Would the boys be back in khaki, or blue this time around? In the original movie, they were ‘troopers’ – Vermont State Troopers, in the iconic khaki uniforms and hats. And, up until this moment, most of the publicity […]

Should Hollywood Profit From The Passing of Celebrities?

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“Is the newly minted studio and record company death tax?” somebody on the Variety article announcing select Gene Wilder movies were headed back to the big screen. “One that seeks to capitalize on the passing of the likes of Wilder?” The comment came in response to AMC and Warner Brothers’ decision to re-release Willy Wonka […]

Space X Rocket Explodes, Impacting Internet.org

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The amazing thing about the 21st century is that there are real-life Tony Starks in existence – like Tesla genius Elon Musk and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. Backed by billions of dollars of profit – more money than most people could possibly spend – they’ve invested in ‘moon shot’ projects like ending cancer, offering private […]

It’s #BackToHogwarts time!

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You got your owl, right? I mean, you got your owl inviting you back to Hogwarts for the new school year. Right? What? You didn’t? Oh, sorry. For a second there I didn’t realize you were a muggle. For those of us unburdened by such things, today is a special day – as the #BackToHogwarts […]

Life is Not a Side-Quest

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The other day I wrote about the mind-blowing ramifications of No Man’s Sky – and somebody pointed out that the idea of life being a simulation isn’t a new one. In fact, modern-day Tony Stark Elon Musk has said similar things; and some credit it with why he has been able to achieve such amazing things. Now, […]

Red Dwarf is BACK!

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Britain has two great science-fiction exports – Doctor Who and Red Dwarf. And now, after far too long, is looks like the boys from Big Red are finally hitting our TV screens again. Back in 1988, the BBC debuted one of the most unusual science fiction shows of our time. Red Dwarf was a science-fiction […]

Beauty Goes Beastly in this new go90.com web series!

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Asian-American comedian Anna Akana has recently launched a hysterical new web series on go90.com, called Miss 2059. It’s the tale of Victoria, the pretty and superficial winner of ‘Miss Earth 2059’, who is accidently thrust into a battle for humanity’s survival when she’s mistaken for her warrior-since-birth sister Arden. The series is written by Anna […]

Idris Elba is LITERALLY kicking ass in Cuba

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In addition to being Echoba.se’s resident asshole, I am also this website’s senior Idris Elba correspondent; and with that in mind I have exciting news: Elba is currently in Cuba, filming a documentary about becoming a kickboxer. Yes, you read that right. Hollywood’s most recast-able leading man has temporarily put his film career on hold […]

Chuck Tingle’s Weird-Ass Books Are Becoming a Video Game!

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It’s weird when two figures from opposing sides of your world collide in the most unexpected way. As a best-selling self-published author, I have nothing but admiration for Chuck Tingle, the mysterious man behind the Hugo Award Winning Space Raptor Butt Invasion and Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt. His ridiculous but topical erotic shorts […]

Fast N’ Loud is BACK, people!

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While I’ve been writing a lot about the two upcoming Top Gear shows, it’s worth remembering that there is some great motoring television to be enjoyed stateside as well – especially my favorite four-wheeled show, Fast N’ Loud.  Kind of like Flip or Flop for old hot rods, the show is hosted by Dallas-based entrepreneur […]