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Phil Buck has been a lover of comic books since he was a kid. Since then, he’s gone on to develop disciplines in writing and performing music, as well as writing his own comic books. These passions led him into a long history of blogging about interests including comic books, music, TV, film, and pretty much anything associated with pop culture. Phil is currently the creator, writer, editor, and musician for a comic book series and virtual band called Those Shadow People. You can read the comic and hear the music online at www.ThoseShadowPeople.com or buy physical copies at www.nematoderecords.com

Echo Base Discusses the Best Lenses for Geeking Out with Resident Optician

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Recently, I had the pleasure of talking about lenses with the Echo Base crew. A little reference here: on my day gig, I’m a Certified Optician with 16+ years experience in the industry. I know a lot about eyeglasses and I usually jump at the chance to discuss eye wear. So when I pitched the idea of […]

A Guide to Working with Artists

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Sooooooo, you’ve got a great idea. You want to make the next big smartphone app, or a jingle for your small business, or like me, a comic book. You’ve got all the best-laid plans… But then you remember… “Oh yeah! I have no practice or discipline whatsoever in [insert required skill set here].” Sure, you might […]