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Sam has loved, and loved to hate, movies and board games since he was a wee lad. He has been schooled in the ancient art of critique from an early age, reading every review (especially the bad ones) that he was able to get his hands on. Starting in the Golden Age of the early internet with Hollywood.com and advancing through the years with Rotten Tomatoes, IGN, and RedLetterMedia, he is hard-pressed not to remember a rating or particular comment about a movie released in the last 15 years. He has dreamed of the day when he could add his voice to the discordant chorus, and finally that day has come...

Review No One Asked For: “Adams Æbler” (“Adam’s Apples”)

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Riddle: What do you get when you mix a neo-nazi, an alcoholic rapist, an alcoholic pregnant woman, a pathologically violent immigrant, and a delusional priest? Answer: A Danish comedy! Oh, Scandinavia… If, upon that outrageous list, your lips didn’t curl into a macabre smile, just wait until I add some more to the pile. “Adam’s […]

Quanticrap (aka ABC’s Quantico)

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I have to admit, I went into the pilot of ABC’s Quantico with a healthy level of Schadenfreude. I’ll get into the eye-rolling promo in a second, but first let me attempt to deflate my bias bubble by saying I went into NBC’s The Slap the same way. The title of said Slap was ridiculous, […]

Exploring Games Made With Unity

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This morning I had the privilege of spending some time in the Unity demonstration hall where developers had the opportunity to show off their Unity projects. I tried out four different projects: Anamorphine by Artifact5; Planet of the Eyes by Cococucumber; Bog by Ian Sinclair @ Drydock Games; & Viridi by Ice Water Games. A […]

Sony Wants You to Develop the Next Generation of Virtual Reality Games

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Virtual Reality has always held a special place in the collective imagination: think the holodeck from Star Trek. Who doesn’t want that!? Many gaming companies are now trying their hand at Virtual Reality (“VR”) gaming. The difficulties and advantages are numerous. On one hand, VR requires special hardware and the experience can be uncomfortable if […]

Five Minutes with the Unity Advertising Liaisons

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Advertisements in mobile-platform gaming are a necessary evil.  They are the veins through which the blood (money) flows to developers, rewarding them for their hard work and encouraging them to ever-greater heights.  Nothing is truly free, and we, as consumers, should not expect them to be. This doesn’t mean that ads have to be painful, […]

The Visit: Worth It

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Even though writing this sentence fills the discerning center of my brain with anxiety and dread, I saw M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit this weekend. Like just about everyone on Earth, I experienced the same deep love for the filmmaker after The Sixth Sense; a love that was shaken, but not broken, by first Unbreakable […]

Review: 7 Wonders and the Art of the Expansion

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In its 5th year of production, and with a bunch of expansions, 7 Wonders holds a firm place in my heart as one of my favorite board games of all time. It is well-made, incredibly re-playable, rewards a sound strategy, and still has enough luck mixed in that there is no such thing as a sure […]

The Zen of Board Games

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Making a successful board game is about one thing: consumer satisfaction.  That can be broken down into the factors: material quality, fun, and re-playability.  The best excel in all areas, and I’ll give some examples below: Material Quality If your game doesn’t physically hold up over time, it doesn’t matter how re-playable it is; you can’t […]