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My birth name is Scott Hathaway but I am also know by my hobo name Scootin' Scooter and I have been riding the rails of reality since I could go to a video store and rent a movie. Always looking to escape into some form of story I was always facilitated by movie and movie magic, and how they were created. Graduating from William Paterson University with a major in Communications focusing in TV/Film Production, Scott interned for Sesame Street, and Triple Threat Television creating reality TV pitches to sell to networks, almost landing one, and recently seeing his idea as a FuseTV show but cannot find a connection to his TTV internship. From working on the first 2 seasons of Celebrity Apprentice, and 1 season of Hells Kitchen, and working as the Key production assistant on the Emmy Winning documentary "When Parents are Deployed" I have always tried to get my hands on tv/film making whenever the chance presents itself. Now as a digital project manager I am always looking for a great story whether in film, television, novel or video game, and I plan on how I could make the story come to life.

Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi, You’re My Only Vote… (Holographic Technology During Election Time)

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Cover Image: Luke & Obi-Wan look at a holographic message of Narendra Modi Created by: Wizzy Wiig What do Tu-Pac  Shakur, Michael Jackson, and Narendra Modi all have in common? Holograms… that’s right holograms. Just like the infamous scene in “Star Wars”, the three people mentioned above have found fame in one form or another in the […]

“No Escape” Review: A Fast Paced Thriller, That Certainly Doesn’t Help Promote Philippians Tourism

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No Escape 2015- 101 mins Dir: John Erick Dowdle “Blood for Water, Blood for Water, Blood for Water”, is a line chanted in the new Weinstein Company thriller, “No Escape”, which stars Owen Wilson, Pierce Brosnan, and Lake Bell. After a political assassination, which is a catalyst for a military coup, Jack Dwyer (Wilson) stops […]