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1/2 of the Tech/UX team duo, General Tim. As a kid Tim struggled with attention issues and always had that “doesn’t pay attention in class” bullshit on his report cards, despite good grades. It’s mostly because he was too busy reading comic books, trade mags, or playing game boy under his desk. He’s never been too good at sticking with one thing either. Despite his certain obsessions, he’s always been interested in all realms of geekhood: video games, comic books, comedy, movies, books, computers, user experience, development and music across all genres and types. “I’ve dabbled in everything. Hence why EchoBa.se is such a great home for me. I don’t often frequent just one corner of the internet because I’m always looking for different points of view, and this place has that!”

DemonChaser Film Festival: A Fright Night You Won’t Forget

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For those of you unaware, SLC has an amazing film scene thanks in large part to Utah (Park City/SLC/Heber) being the home of the world’s largest independent film festival, Sundance. But for those of us who can’t afford the thousands of dollars it costs for a full pass to Sundance, fear not. Locally in SLC […]

No, WEEN Did Not Play An Overly “Brown” Setlist at LOCKN’ Just To Piss Hippies Off

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I can’t believe I’m even writing this article because I was just going to ignore it myself, but Mickey wrote some words on the subject and I felt they should be shared. Here’s what basically happened. After night one of LOCKN’ a lot of people on various forums including the Ween Appreciation Society were debating […]

To Karen Boyer: We Extend Our Deepest Condolences on Gene Wilder’s Passing

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As most of you have already read, today is another sad day. We lost Gene Wilder. The man is at least partially, if not completely responsible for 3 of my favorite characters of all time on screen: Willy Wonka, Jim (‘The Waco Kid’), and Dr. Frankenstein. Let’s ignore that 2 of those characters have been done […]

Google Has No Idea What It’s Doing Anymore…

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If you’re new to Echo Base you may not know this but we have a strict policy of NEVER using pop up ads, pop up questions, or auto playing videos. We strongly oppose these processes because we feel they are directly responsible for the decline in quality content on the web, and the use of ad […]

Ween Partnered With Rent-A-Wreck In The 90’s?

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I’m a pretty huge Ween fan, but I’ve never heard of this. From what I can tell, no one has. Apparently in 94′ if you rented a car from Rent-A-Wreck you may have gotten this super rare Chocolate and Cheese sampler with your ride. Mickey (Dean Ween) dropped this on the Ween Appreciation Society a couple […]

Things I’ve Learned From One Year of Echo Base

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It’s official, Echo Base is no longer measured in just months and days. It was August 15th, 2015 when we did our large scale public launch. Of course EB is much more than a year old in reality. It stemmed from a Facebook group with a bunch of entertainment obsessed nerds, led by our fearless leader […]

Watch This Awesome Super-Cut of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ and its 70s and 80s Movie References Side-by-Side

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Independent Film Director and Journalist Ulysse Thevenon has done the legwork that I have been dreaming of doing since watching “Stranger Things”, but ultimately have been too busy (and too lazy) to do myself. He’s matched scene for scene the new hit show with its 70s and 80s influences. Check it out above.   He finds […]

WONDER WOMAN Comic-Con Trailer

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New Trailer from SDCC! "An Amazon princess leaves her island home to explore the world, and becomes the greatest of its heroes."

Sarah Silverman: “I was in the ICU all of last week and I am insanely lucky to be alive.”

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We all know that 2016 has been a real prick. We’ve lost so many of my favorite heroes and heroines so far I can’t even list them. But it looks like we just dodged a huge bullet, as Sarah Silverman just shared this on Facebook:   Here’s a transcript: “Hi. This is me telling everyone […]

For the First Time in 22 Years, David Gilmour performs Pink Floyd’s “One of These Days”, and it’s Unreal

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There’s not even much I should say about this, the video speaks for itself. It’s 5 1/2 minutes of face melting insanity and I can’t turn away. I have to get a rip of this so I can listen while driving, but I also fear I’ll end up doing about 130 mph and swerving erratically […]

Ren and Stimpy’s Creator John K. Teams Up With Mike Judge To Create Amazing Promo Short for UFC

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UFC president Dana White deserves a raise. Can he even be promoted? Is there another level up? He should get it. Because this ad, his brainchild that aired on Adult Swim, is brilliant. I’ve watched exactly 3 UFC fights in my life, but I’m now dying to watch this one. Over at AdWeek they got the […]

The Greasy Strangler Teaser. NSFW or Life.

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What in God’s name is this? What have I just watched? This teaser is only a minute long but I feel like I’ve been sucked into a lifetime commitment. It’s truly insane and unlike anything I’ve personally ever seen before. I’d say they were trying too hard to push the weirdness envelope, which so many […]