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Cars 3 looks dark as hell…

Cars 3 looks dark as hell…


The teaser trailer for Cars 3 takes us to a very dark place…

Because I have two small boys, I can pretty much quote Cars word-for-word – and although it’s pretty much an automotive version of Doc Hollywood, it’s still my favorite Pixar movie. It had great character development, it celebrated America’s love affair with cars, and it remains the only movie featuring Larry the Cable Guy that doesn’t make you want to stab yourself in the face.

There was a fairly unremarkable sequel to Cars that featured none of the original magic (although I still like it, since I’m a Bond-buff.) But it looks like the crew at Disney are returning to their roots for the third chapter in the Cars series.

But that might take us somewhere we don’t want to go.

Check out this teaser trailer for Cars and you can immediately see some changes to the automotive alternative reality we’ve come to know and love. The computer-animated graphics are darker, grittier and more realistic – and the trailer warns that “nothing will be the same again” as we witness Lightning McQueen suffer a horrific crash.

You might remember that the character of Doc from the first movie, voiced by Paul Newman and based on the original muscle car, the Hudson Hornet, was a former champion who wrecked hard during an end-of-season race. Is our beloved ‘Stickers’ going to suffer the same fate?

In any event, it looks like this will be more of an emotional tale about overcoming adversity, rather than a laugh-fueled romp like Cars 2. Is that going to be a good strategy for the franchise? Only time will tell.


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