New York Comic Con 2016: In Pictures

Militant Ginger
Militant_Ginger, Lady_Lorelai and Queseramara descended on New York Comic Con this weekend. The biggest and most exciting geek culture event on the east coast, New York Comic Con takes over the Big Apple every October, and this year was no different. Queseramara and Lady_Lorelai rocked out some matching Thor and Loki cosplay this year, and I followed them around […]

I Want My VRV!

Wiizzy Wiig
Not to be confused with the Variable Refrigerant Volume HVAC System, developed by the world’s leading HVAC manufacturer Daikin, this VRV is a soon to be available, new streaming video experience. If you are a super fan of Anime, Gaming, Animation, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, and Horror, VRV might be right up your alley. First […]

Otakon 2016: In Pictures

Wiizzy Wiig
Otakon 2016 has come and gone. Otakon finished up it’s final run at Baltimore’s Convention Center, after 17 years, and what a great run it was. Otakon will be moving down the road on I-95 to Washington D.C. next year in the hopes of better facilitating a growing fan base. The overall sentiment, however, from the people […]

San Diego Comic-Con: Preview Night

Damien Glonek
Back at the convention center at 8am. It’s make it or break it time. All of our stock is waiting for us at the booth.  We load it all in, barely making it fit. Our back room is packed. After that, time to finish setting up the cases. Being optimistic and having an early start […]

Will Accountability Pave the Way for a More Civil Internet?

Militant Ginger
[Author’s note: We have learned that funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter a couple of days ago, due to pressure from a number of parties including some mentioned below.] think accountability, not censorship, will forge a more civil online community. Here at we’ve generally avoided talking about topics like online […]

Salt Lake ComicCon FanX March 2016 Cosplay Album

Tim Makoid
I was honored to be invited by Filmulate Film Festivals and Create Reel Change to do a panel at this years Salt Lake ComicCon Fan Xperince. We had a great time talking about the history of DIY in film and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who skipped George Takei and the X-Files […]

He’ll One-Punch His Way Into Your Heart

Lady Lorelai
I admit, upon hearing the premise of Onepunch – the world’s-strongest-man-turned hero (who is possibly depressed over how boring his fights are since he’s too strong) – I was ready to give it a pass. But Onepunch made itself hard to ignore. Saitama – Onepunch Man himself – was all over my Tumblr dashboard punching […]

Miles Morales Gets His Time to Shine in Spider-Man Lives

Militant Ginger
We were all stoked by the news that Spider-Man will be returning home next summer, to star alongside Captain America and Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War. But some of us were disappointed that they went with classic Peter Parker Spider-Man, instead of new-kid-in-the-neighborhood Miles Morales. Well, for those of us who felt like that, […]

Stan Lee Comikaze 2015 Cosplay Album

Jake De Great
I had the opportunity to go to Stan Lee Comikaze along with Tim and Maddie. It was a great event besides being split in half due to the Obesity Week convention that for some reason needed half of the biggest hall instead of just taking the West hall completely and letting Comikaze be in the South […]

Stan Lee’s Comikaze Has a Stellar Fashion Show!

Maddie Ferguson
Tonight I officially experienced two things I’ve never been through before: a Comic Con, and a Fashion Show. Both excellent when separate entities I imagine, but when combined… super galactic heroic fun times ensue! Everything I have always expected to see during a runway show has been based off of random T.V. reality shows including tiny […]