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An Interview With a Professional Freak and Sideshow Performer: Jason Lutz! AKA ‘Mister E’

Tim Makoid
Welcome to Independent’s Day, our series where we interview every local/independent/starving artist we can find with something interesting to say. Today we’ve got Jason Lutz, otherwise known by his stage name ‘Mister E’. His Facebook page lists him as a Program Specialist at Sparc Services, a Professional Freak at Mister E, and a Producer at Dead Flowers. I’ve also known him to be an art […]

Holy Crap, Star Wars! 3D Treasure Trove Unleashed!

Militant Ginger
Check out these FREE Star Wars 3D models! Unlike the crew over at Paramount, who are suing the producers of fan-film Axanar, the people behind Star Wars have actively embraced the fan-film community. In fact, they hold annual Star Wars fan-film contests, and many of the fan movies you can find on YouTube are practically […]

Salt Lake ComicCon FanX March 2016 Cosplay Album

Tim Makoid
I was honored to be invited by Filmulate Film Festivals and Create Reel Change to do a panel at this years Salt Lake ComicCon Fan Xperince. We had a great time talking about the history of DIY in film and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who skipped George Takei and the X-Files […]