Is Suicide Squad On the Reviewer’s Hit List?

Militant Ginger
Back when Batman v Superman was released, I wrote an article lambasting the critics who’d panned the movie. Sure, it wasn’t perfect – but the movie was pretty damn good, and the box office haul was still impressive. Now we’ve been given another reason to doubt the legitimacy of ‘official’ movie critics – I went […]

Meet The New Bad Guy In ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ – The Terrible Tinkerer

Christopher Peruzzi
It’s Spider-man versus “Mister Fix-it” Marvel just announced the casting of its second villain appearing in the 2017 Spider-man reboot, Spider-man: Homecoming.  Playing against Michael Keaton’s Vulture, Spider-man (Tom Holland) will need to also match wits against techno-villain-wizard Phineas Mason aka, The Tinkerer. Or as Stan Lee would call him “The Terrible Tinkerer”. Michael Chernus […]

Ocean’s .73 Cents to the Dollar

Militant Ginger
So, Hollywood is hitting hard with their ‘winning’ formula of female-led reboots, and creating Ocean’s Eight – a crime-heist thriller featuring an all-female lead cast, rebooting the classic Ocean’s Eleven franchise. Now, Ocean’s Eleven – the original, Frank Sintra version – is one of my favorite movies of all time. A lot of people say […]

The Dark Tower Movie Finally Makes Sense [MASSIVE SPOILERS]

Militant Ginger
The Dark Tower novels are hugely important to me. I love Steven King as an author, but the adventures of fictional gunslinger Roland Deschain and his ‘ka-tet’ of friends hold an especially deep and meaningful place in my heart. That’s why early news about The Dark Tower movie being filmed in South Africa right now filled […]

The Great Wall and the New Age of Blockbuster Movies!

Doug L.
For a long time now Hollywood has been courting the global film market in a way we have never seen. From the input of foreign money into backing U.S. Studios and film projects to the opening of films across the globe BEFORE the U.S. has a chance to see it, things are changing and changing […]

TRAINSPOTTING 2: The 20 Year Tease

Wiizzy Wiig
After waiting 20 years for a sequel we finally have our first tease to Trainspotting 2, or as Danny Boyle sometimes likes to refer to it as T2 (Hope James Cameron doesn’t sue). Loosely based on Irvine Welsh’s sequel to Trainspotting; Porno or T2 finds Spud, Renton, Sick Boy, and Begbie crossing paths again, ten years later, this […]