Welcome to Echo Base

Militant Ginger
One question we get a lot is: “Where does your website’s name come from?” Most Star Wars fans vaguely recognize the reference, but only the elite remember exactly where the name comes from – the base on Hoth that the rebels escaped from in The Empire Strikes Back. So here’s a little history… The famous climax […]

Disney Pixar has a New Adorable Short Piper!

Maddie Ferguson
Update 11/8: Pixar has removed all mirrors of this beautiful short, guess we’ll have to buy it in the next Pixar short’s collection! Hope you got to see it! Election madness got you feeling like the world is on fire? I know me too. Well take a break from the madness and watch this adorable […]

Idris Elba isn’t just PLAYING a tough guy…

Militant Ginger
So there are tough guys, and there are the people who play them on TV. Idris Elba just proved he’s the former. A while ago, we reported on Idris Elba putting his acting career on hold to become a professional kickboxer. It’s one of those almost-unbelievable stories that sounds like something more out of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. […]

31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 31: Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things

Damien Glonek
The movie starts in a fog-filled graveyard at night with some ominous music. A caretaker sees someone with their back turned standing in the distance, he cautiously approaches and taps the person on the shoulder. With a loud scream, the person turns to reveal a hideous zombie face zooming into the camera and the title Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things appears on the screen.

Some Quick Tips to Battling Vampires

Christopher Peruzzi
The Twilight Fans Have It All Wrong Imagine a kind of immortality. This isn’t the typical immortality of godhood, nor is it something you get when you make a formula from a philosopher’s stone. This is immortality with a price. This is living a demonic half-life which requires you to exist without sunlight and ingest […]