“This Is Not A Side Project. This Is The Real Stuff”: Franz Ferdinand Meet Sparks – FFS

Collaborations in popular music are tricky. When David Bowie collaborated with Queen, the result was the sublime “Under Pressure”. Yet, Bowie collaborating with Mick Jagger yielded the re-goddam-diculous cover of “Dancin’ In The Street”. Run-DMC’s hook-up with Aerosmith on a hip-hop revamp of “Walk This Way” was, arguably, groundbreaking. LL Cool J’s run-in with Brad […]

Tom Waits pens new love letter to Keith Richards in Rolling Stone

The Legend Tom Waits penned a lovely poem for Keith Richards. This exquisite piece of poetry is featured in the Rolling Stone‘s special issue, Keith Richards: The Ultimate Guide to His Music & Legend, on stands now. Waits and Richards go way back and have even collaborated on a few of Tom Waits’ albums. With this special feature […]

Titus Andronicus – The Most Lamentable Tragedy

Released July 28, 2015 — Merge Records.   I dove into this album knowing only a few things: “You probably wont like this album” – coworker This is not a debut album (although it is the first I’d heard of them) The Most Lamentable Tragedy is a Rock Opera. On my first listen of The Most […]

Bob Dylan’s Newport Folk Festival Stratocaster

You know that giant milestone in rock history where Bob Dylan suddenly decided to go Electric at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival? Well, no big deal or anything but, this year marked the 50th anniversary of that notorious event. Just before he took the stage at the Newport Folk Festival this year, Jason Isbell sat […]

U2/ The Innocence & Experience Tour, From a Fan Perspective

Doug L.
I’ve seen the ZooTv inside and outside broadcasts. I’ve seen U2 walk out of a giant lemon on the Popmart tour. I’ve been inside the heart and outside the heart on the Elevation tour. I’ve watched Bono bang his drum on the Vertigo tour. I’ve been near the giant claw on the 360 tour. Now […]

Brittany Howard and Her Lollapaloza Jumpsuit

Alabama Shakes tore the metaphorical roof off of Lollapalooza. BUT, the real star of the performance; Brittany Howard’s Jumpsuit.   Who is that back there? I Don’t know. I can’t see past the glorious sunshine that is the jumpsuit. YEP, this gorgeous creation STOLE.THE.GOD.DAMN.SHOW. Rock on Brittany. Oh… and they sounded great too.

Sound and Vision; Magic Musical Moments in Film

Warning, the following scenes may cause; chills, thrills, and bittersweet tears. Lost in Translation, Final Scene set to Jesus and Mary Chain’s Just Like Honey Just like the lazy, hazy tone both in the film’s cinematic style and soundtrack, the drum track off this song beats in time with the pulse of the landscape echoing […]