Deftones ‘Gore’ the World

Brent Dylan
The first Deftones release in four years officially dropped today! The hotly anticipated release of ‘Gore’ marks the eighth full length album from the Sacramento, CA rockers. There aren’t many heavy bands with such lengthy and decorated careers still putting out relevant music to large scale audiences. Luckily we can always count on the Deftones […]

Tacocat Makes Good On ‘Lost Time’

I love love LOVE it when the band I don’t know I need in my life wanders up and hits me in the back of my head, saying: “Oi! ModCon! Over HERE!” Tacocat just did that – and I’m so relieved. I gave their new LP “Lost Time” a listen only because I wanted to […]

‘Extreme Thing’ Rocks Desert Breeze Park

Brent Dylan
My local Parks and Recreation Department is so cool that I harbor serious suspicions that Leslie Knope might work there! Last weekend I got to attend my first Extreme Thing Sports & Music Festival. The annual event takes place at Desert Breeze Park in Clark County Nevada and celebrates similar ethos with the Warped Tour […]

Carpenter Brut † TURBO KILLER

Tim Makoid
My friend just shot me over this music video with a note that just said “for you”.. oh Brad, you know me so well. I am a huge fan of high speed car chase scenes with classic cars, aggressive music shredding while the good guy saves the damsel in distress, all set to an early 70s […]