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TV Theme Bloodsport: True Detective

Toby Wan-Kenobi
Hello Echo Base readers!  In preparation for a future article on the True Detective series I’d like to pose a question to everyone: Which True Detective theme song is better, season 1 or season 2?  The good news is that you don’t even have to know anything about the show to answer this question, just […]

Kermit the Frog has a ‘New’ Girlfriend, Denise

Maddie Ferguson
Just in case you haven’t heard, The Muppets returns to television on September 22, 2015 on ABC. This won’t be the variety show we all remember, but more of a 30 Rock (I’m speculating) type show, where they go behind the scenes during the tapings of “Up Late with Miss Piggy” which is Miss Piggy’s new […]

Fear the Walking Dead – Episode 2 Review

Tim Makoid
In Fear the Walking Dead’s second episode, “So Close, Yet So Far,” we are still getting the slow build, and for this writer that is a very, very good thing. If you’re reading this post wondering if I still recommend watching the show, maybe you haven’t started yet or maybe you weren’t convinced by episode 1, I still […]

The 2015 Video Music Awards, as Ranted by Echo Base.

Between the hours of 9:00 and 9:15 this morning, a magical thing happened between me and the other Echo Base writers. While in group chat, one of our Chief Editors, Tim Makoid, suggested that maybe we should cover what happened on MTV’s 2015 VMAs last night. And who can blame him? It is an entertainment awards […]

The Dead Rise Again… to Appear in Your Favorite Blockbusters!

Maddie Ferguson
Update: This article originally mistakingly stated it would happen in ‘The Force Awakens’ but the Daily Mail reports it’s happening in ‘Rogue One’.  Update2: MoviePilot.com confirms from their source that this is indeed happening, there’s even “concept art of Tarkin for Rogue One… and the execution of his CGI character has been explained as being one […]

What makes us Geeks?

Maddie Ferguson
I was on the phone with my mother last week, chatting with her about the excitement and buzz going with Echobase (also helping her figure out how to actually get to the site from Facebook). When she asked an important question “I don’t understand your mission, for geeks, by geeks… Isn’t being a geek a […]