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Sheer Mag Rocks The Wild West

Brent Dylan
Sheer Mag is the gritty rock band that you only hear mythical stories about. In a world that has moved on, the true believers desperately yearn for music that is as greasy as it is passionate. This five piece band from Philadelphia bring the in-your-face crunching onslaught that bar room brawls and bad decisions are made […]

NOFX Pulverized the House Of Blues

Brent Dylan
Life is really strange. That’s why going to see NOFX at the Mandalay Bay was the most gloriously fitting way to end a particularly daunting Monday. Vegas was one of the early dates on the band’s Hepatitis Bathtub Tour which is an excursion in support of their new biography ‘NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other […]

‘Extreme Thing’ Rocks Desert Breeze Park

Brent Dylan
My local Parks and Recreation Department is so cool that I harbor serious suspicions that Leslie Knope might work there! Last weekend I got to attend my first Extreme Thing Sports & Music Festival. The annual event takes place at Desert Breeze Park in Clark County Nevada and celebrates similar ethos with the Warped Tour […]

Should There Be a Black Bond?

Militant Ginger
After foiling countless plots to destroy the Earth, would a black Bond really be the end of the world? Like a penny stuck in a washing machine, the story of whether or not the next James Bond should be black is making the rounds again. For the uninitiated, this is nothing new – it dates […]