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‘Luke Cage’ Brings The Ruckus To Netflix

Back in March I said all signs pointed to ‘Luke Cage’ being another win in the already rich Marvel/Netflix partnership, and Sweet Christmas was I right.   ‘Luke Cage’ debuted on Friday September 30th and then Netflix went down on Saturday, October 1st. Overload from ‘Cage’ bingewatchers? Could be, comrades. Could be. The Twittersphere was […]

Four of the Best Marriages in the Marvel Universe

Christopher Peruzzi
Marriage isn’t easy – especially in comics. Oh sure, I hear some grumblings in the back seats of the Internet about how Dagwood and Blondie managed to keep their marriage together especially after the “Giant Submarine Sandwich” argument of 1945, but that might be the exception. For every Dagwood and Blondie success, we have at […]

Getting back to Geekdom

Maddie Ferguson
Echo Base has officially been around for over a year now, and right around our year mark the owners made a push to get back to our root values as writers, and why we started this site in the first place. Writing positive articles about things we love, and using this to get people excited […]

Five Times Colorblind Casting Worked Well

Militant Ginger
My recent post on Hollywood’s continued diversity problem, and the casting of Zendaya as Mary Jane in the new Spider-man movie, have been pretty contentious. And while I stand by what I wrote, Doug and other members of the team pointed out that there have been occasions in which looking beyond skin color when casting comic book […]