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A Left-Handed Writer Kid Remembers Richard Hatch

Jason Bennion
[This piece originally appeared in a slightly different form on Simple Tricks and Nonsense.]   “So what do you do?” It was a simple question, but nevertheless, I was taken aback by it. I’ve met quite a few celebrities in my time, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have had good experiences with the majority […]

Netflix: Give Us Stranger Things 2 Sooner

Brando Calrissian
Last summer Netflix released Stranger Things and lovers of horror and sci-fi commenced their binge watching. The internet instantly fell in love with the gang from Hawkins, Indiana and were only left wanting more after the finale which left more questions than answers. Last week when a promo for the second season of Stranger Things […]

Thoughts About the Next Doctor… Who

Christopher Peruzzi
It’s that time again… It’s happened before and it will happen again. The lead actor in the longest running science fiction franchise is leaving the show. Peter Capaldi has announced that season ten (relative to the 2005 relaunch) will be his last and he’ll be leaving as the Twelfth Doctor with head writer Stephen Moffat. […]

Casting Number 13: Who Will Be The Next Doctor Who?

Current Doctor Peter Capaldi has confirmed that the upcoming series of Doctor Who will be his last. Which means that for Whovians everywhere it’s time to start making a list of possible replacements. (It’s part of the grieving process. Don’t come at me.) This is the look on millions of Whovians’ faces right about now. […]

Geeks Lost in Sports Land

Christopher Peruzzi
A Stranger in a Stranger Land The holidays are a wonderful time for some. The weather is crisp. The spirit of joy is in the air. Plums have been sugared and eggs have been thoroughly nogged. It’s a time when we get to revisit our families and get to know them all over again. For […]

Hellbent For Horror: End of the Year Recap

Damien Glonek
Recently I was invited to be a guest on the Hellbent for Horror End of the Year Edition podcast, where myself and four other colleagues discussed some of the finer and not-so-finer movies that were released in 2016. While you might not be aware of it, according to wikipedia 113 horror movies were released last year. […]