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Some Quick Tips to Battling Vampires

Christopher Peruzzi
The Twilight Fans Have It All Wrong Imagine a kind of immortality. This isn’t the typical immortality of godhood, nor is it something you get when you make a formula from a philosopher’s stone. This is immortality with a price. This is living a demonic half-life which requires you to exist without sunlight and ingest […]

Why Leslie Jones Is My Favorite SNL Castmate

Brando Calrissian
I’ve been watching Saturday Night Live for about two decades. Between watching live, seeing “the best of” specials and “hey check if they have that sketch on YouTube” suggestions from my dad. I have seen the best of the best SNL has offered in its 42 season run. After watching this weekend update from this […]

31 Nights of Halloween Horror part 21: Ouija: Origin of Evil

Damien Glonek
If you are looking for a Halloween movie in the theaters this year you pretty much have one choice. Kind of sad, especially when that movie is a prequel to a movie that came out two years prior and got bad reviews. Either way, I'll tell you about Ouija: Origin of Evil and you can decide if you would rather stay home and watch something you like or dish out the $10 to say meh.

How Breakfast at Tiffany’s Changed My Life

Militant Ginger
55 years ago today, Breakfast at Tiffany’s hit the big screen. Sure, I’m a James Bond kind of guy. I quote Indiana Jones incessantly. When my wife’s telling me we’ll never make it through traffic, I’m always warning her: “Never tell me the odds.” But I have a secret. The movie that’s had the biggest […]