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It’s 10pm, do you know where your grandparents are?

Maddie Ferguson
After M. Night Shyamalan came out with ‘Unbreakable’ in 2000 I thought that was where our relationship ended. Most recently he was involved with Devil, in 2010, and it was O.K. But I wanted more and very quickly predicted the ending, not so fun. His newest movie to come, ‘The Visit’ seems like it may help […]

Doctor Who. Series 9. New Trailer. Boom.

Hullo. Um, quick preamble: I’m not doing it. You know, “it”? That thing every person who writes about “Doctor Who” does nowadays? Go into a long, semi-accurate recap of what the show is and why there’s so many bloody different Doctors and Companions? Yeah. Not doing it. I’m guessing that if you’re pausing to read […]

Joker’s Wild – Who Was The Best Clown Prince of Crime?

Militant Ginger
In an act worthy of The Joker himself, pirates leaked the trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie from San Diego Comic Con; forcing Warner Brothers to release the trailer early, and give everybody a glimpse of Jared Leto playing DC’s most iconic badguy – The Joker. So perhaps now’s a time to look back over previous […]

New Final Fantasy VII: Remake or Continuation?

Shane deLumeau
When Square announced the Final Fantasy VII remake at E3, the internet lit-up in a flurry of spastic conversations around the video game trailer. It mainly consisted of “Holy sh*t!” “OMG!” and “My pants are wet!” This wasn’t just some upscaled graphics to play on modern consoles. This was a flat out new game with […]

Scariest Trailer Ever? Goodnight Mommy

Damien Glonek
There is a new trailer making it’s way around the internet of a German movie called Goodnight Mommy. It is being touted as ‘the scariest movie trailer of all time.’ The film tells the story of twin brothers who live out in the countryside and await the return of their mother, who arrives bandaged from […]

18 years ago today: “Cartman Gets an Anal Probe”

Tim Makoid
This can not be overstated, I love South Park. It is a show that I have never had mixed feelings about because it is a show that knows to never take itself too seriously… but also to never back down from a fight. Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been firmly planting their middle finger in […]

Fearful Symmetry

Maddie Ferguson
“Is that what happens to us?  A life of conflict with no time for friends so that when it’s done only our enemies leave roses.  Violent lives, ending violently.” (Rorschach; Ch. 2, pg. 26)* Look at this image; what do you see?     I love Watchmen, but please don’t confuse my love for the […]

U2/ The Innocence & Experience Tour, From a Fan Perspective

Doug L.
I’ve seen the ZooTv inside and outside broadcasts. I’ve seen U2 walk out of a giant lemon on the Popmart tour. I’ve been inside the heart and outside the heart on the Elevation tour. I’ve watched Bono bang his drum on the Vertigo tour. I’ve been near the giant claw on the 360 tour. Now […]