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Star Wars: A New Hope for Traditional Propmaking

Shane deLumeau
It seems like the world always moves in a cyclical fashion. We embrace a certain technique or tradition for so long and then begin to advance past it in leaps and bounds. But something happens and we begin to step backward at an ever-accelerating pace only to find ourselves back at the original technique or […]

Sound and Vision; Magic Musical Moments in Film

Warning, the following scenes may cause; chills, thrills, and bittersweet tears. Lost in Translation, Final Scene set to Jesus and Mary Chain’s Just Like Honey Just like the lazy, hazy tone both in the film’s cinematic style and soundtrack, the drum track off this song beats in time with the pulse of the landscape echoing […]

More rumblings about Beetlejuice 2

Doug L.
Everyone’s favorite 80’s goth girl Lydia Deetz is making a comeback for Beetlejuice 2.   Or is she?   Today word went around the ‘net that Winona Ryder claimed Tim Burton was working on Beetlejuice 2 , again. E.W. has a clip of Winona on Seth Meyers show explaining how several months ago Burton did […]

Public Safety Announcement: Frying Pans

Maddie Ferguson
So there is an issue I have faced in many an action/horror/thriller/suspense genre movie either a character has a surprising amount of unexplained skill with a random weapon while facing an assailant, or they just stand and scream, overlooking the very nice bulky everyday objects that can easily be turned into aggressive weapons.  Mainly, the frying […]

2015 “Best of /Favorites” so far…

Doug L.
It’s hard to believe that 2015 is more than halfway over but here we are in August and I am already looking forward to the fall. I was going through my Letterboxd account and trying to find what movies I saw this year that I think would make it to the top 10 favorites list. […]

The Night I Became a Bloodsucking Freak!

Damien Glonek
It was 1983 or 84, I was in 6th grade and going to my first co-ed Xmas party with a couple friends at some girls house. I hardly remember a thing about that night, other then the party was chaperoned by the girl’s parents. It may not even have been a Xmas party, but there […]

Alien vs. Predator aka F*** THIS MOVIE

Doug L.
Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem Dir- Brothers Strausse 2007- USA -20th Century Fox. 100 minutes (This review is probably unnecessary, since most people have the sense to stay away from this garbage; I just need a public forum to vent) In 1986, I had one of my most exhilarating experiences in the movies. That summer day […]