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Bob Dylan’s Newport Folk Festival Stratocaster

You know that giant milestone in rock history where Bob Dylan suddenly decided to go Electric at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival? Well, no big deal or anything but, this year marked the 50th anniversary of that notorious event. Just before he took the stage at the Newport Folk Festival this year, Jason Isbell sat […]

Brittany Howard and Her Lollapaloza Jumpsuit

Alabama Shakes tore the metaphorical roof off of Lollapalooza. BUT, the real star of the performance; Brittany Howard’s Jumpsuit.   Who is that back there? I Don’t know. I can’t see past the glorious sunshine that is the jumpsuit. YEP, this gorgeous creation STOLE.THE.GOD.DAMN.SHOW. Rock on Brittany. Oh… and they sounded great too.

Amazing Practical FX Costume Work: Dracubus

Tim Makoid
Posted by Asylum 49 on Sunday, March 22, 2015 Wayne Anderson (Facebook, Twitter) a creature designer and make up artist who lives in Los Angeles, CA unleashed his absolutely bad ass “Dracubus” a few months ago at the Transworld’s Halloween & Attractions Show in St Louis MO (see video). It’s a great example of beautiful […]