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Lord of the Rings gets a sweet fan-flick tribute

Militant Ginger
It’s Tolkien Reading Day today, which is valuable knowledge to add to your pub-quiz data banks. But it’s also a good reason to highlight this sweet-looking fan film trailer from The Forge Studios.  Based out of Washington DC, The Forge Studio are a bunch of Tolkien fans who want to continue the cinematic legacy left […]

The Lego Batman Movie gets a Trailer

Militant Ginger
Boom! With the drop of a mic, Will Arnet bursts back onto our screen as Lego Batman – the… um… breakaway star of The Lego Movie? The Lego Movie was pretty awesome, and a lot of the laughs came via Will Arnet, in his turn as Lego Batman. Now, incredibly, Warner Brothers has actually decided […]

Carpenter Brut † TURBO KILLER

Tim Makoid
My friend just shot me over this music video with a note that just said “for you”.. oh Brad, you know me so well. I am a huge fan of high speed car chase scenes with classic cars, aggressive music shredding while the good guy saves the damsel in distress, all set to an early 70s […]

A New Trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse!

Maddie Ferguson
Some say fire, some say ice, I say ANCIENT MUTANTS PUNISHING THE WEAK FOR THEIR INHERITANCE OVER THE EARTH! I know X-Men: Apocalypse comes out in just a couple of months, but May 27th seems so far away every time I watch an X-Men Apocalypse trailer, and this new one is no exception! There is going […]