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Children’s Music Isn’t Always Just all this Kidz Bop Nonsense!

Children’s Music Isn’t Always Just all this Kidz Bop Nonsense!


Kidz Bop has never been one of my favorite things around town. I babysat/nanny-ed a lot as a youth and often this was the music playing in the car, and quite frankly I wanted to gouge my ears out.

I guess I never loved 2000’s pop music very much and the idea of a group of children singing me an altered clean version of a song that I already didn’t like wasn’t doing it for me. But I also guess I couldn’t relate to wanting this. My parents never had me listening to pop music as a kid at all. At one point my dad did replace the holiday cassette tape in a musical toy I had with Pink Floyd’s The Wall, but that is another separate issue entirely!

As a young kid my parents mostly had me listening to Sesame Street songs, Raffi, and my mom even jokes that I was singing every word to Kenny Loggin’s House on Pooh Corner younger than I can remember.

Well it’s always fun when I encounter one of the bands I listened to (past or present) that dive into some random kids music. I always enjoyed Spongebob Squarepants and have learned that a handful of the songs are played by none other than a recent favorite Ween. It’s great to catch bands stretching their wings into a weird new kids genre, artists can have a little more ‘fun’ with these kinds of songs, and it’s an opportunity as an artist to get creative in a completely new way.

This brings us to now, when I searched Amazon for Children’s Music it brings up a handful of Kidz Bop CDs, some Disney/kids movies soundtracks, and some Sing-a-longs; but not much original content. I get this, children’s music probably isn’t making musicians the big bucks unless you make your way into doing the theme song for a kids movie (and then still probably not much). This leads to an awesome new discovery for kids everywhere. On September 30th Amy Lee, lead singer of Evanescence, is releasing her new Children’s Album Dream Too Much.



You heard me right! Early 2000’s goth Princess Amy Lee is shedding the dense black eyeliner and screaming emotional songs for some up-beat adorable tunes that kids and parents will want to listen to together. No more ear gouging!

You can listen to the album’s title song Dream Too Much, and I have to say if I had a kid both Lyrically and musically I’d be into this album from this song. Check it out!

Maddie Ferguson Growing up right outside of Princeton NJ, she spent much of her time with pals in make believe comic book worlds or out in her backyard looking for Totoro. Her greatest goal as a child was to grow up and become blue, thanks to night crawler, mystique and Dr Manhattan (just a few of her favorite blues!). While she has a love for any solid Disney/Pixar children's film, gotta love those feels!, she is an openly admitted horror addict. We know she has a problem but heck if she'll ever change! She enjoys filling her movie time looking for the next great scare, with amazingly hard to watch gore, and of course setting aside time for the occasional zombie + sushi movie nights with just about any face chewing zombie flick. Pandemic? Apocalypse? Zombeavers? She's got more than a few weapons in her liquor cabinet so bring it on!