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UPDATED: Dean Ween Reminded Us Yesterday Why He’s The Coolest Guy In Rock and Roll

UPDATED: Dean Ween Reminded Us Yesterday Why He’s The Coolest Guy In Rock and Roll


They say you should never meet your heroes, but I’ve had mostly positive experiences with the ones I’ve been lucky enough to meet. Probably the best of all has been Mickey Melchiondo. I was born in Montgomery and Bucks County, PA.. New Hope is where I spent my high school weekends listening to music under the bridge with friends (where there is now a new housing community unfortunately). There was a music shop and a lot less restaurants then, but it’s still a great place with a great neighborhood of characters. It has a rich history of starting broadway plays, spawning famous acts (like Ween), beautiful scenery, and a great food culture. After I left the city I moved to New Hope to unwind and lived above a sex shop and a Dunkin’ Donuts.

For the 2 years that I lived in New Hope there was one constant, Mickey playing with The Invitational (interventional) on Wednesday nights at John and Peters. I didn’t party much, I didn’t stay out late on weekends, but Wednesday nights I could go and get drunk, smoke cigarettes (which you can’t do anymore in there unfortunately), and see talented musicians. That was Mickey’s promise to the town. There would always be good music on Wednesday nights in New Hope, and there always was. There still is, I just moved away, and believe me it’s the thing I miss most. John and Peters is a magical place. I saw a lot of amazing musicians in that place. I met Claude Coleman Jr, Glenn McClelland, Chris Harford, and many more there. I even met my future wife in that place!

Not only will you always find Mickey keeping the local music scene of New Hope hot, but he has a charter fishing service where he will literally take you out and teach you his other favorite passion – fishing. The guy never stops. With Ween he’s been a part of 10 studio albums and 6 live albums. He’s toured the world countless times, yet he’s always around New Hope, being a part of his home town. He gives a shit. Before Mickey, I didn’t even know there were rock stars like that.

So that brings me to Kevin Klebacher. This dude is a huge ween fan who is active in the Ween Appreciation Society and he shouted out to Mickey that he couldn’t go to the Ween Reunion shows because he was worried he would miss his Physics Exam. So Mickey does this:



I mean this is truly awesome. He even makes it sound like they’re probably not going to do many more shows, and emphasizes how long they’ve been away and how huge this is for “arguably one of our biggest fans”. Damn.

Kevin, concerned his professor might think he made up the note asked Mickey for proof he wrote it, and Mickey delivered of course:



How fantastic is that? What a cool thing to do.

This was all posted to reddit and Kevin commented as an update:

So, my professor already told me that he’ll let me take the exam monday as long as I had a valid excuse and I asked “what if the band excused me?” to which he responded, “if you bring in proof to my office 7:30 am on Monday, you can take the make up”

I’m not telling the professor Deaner wrote the letter…. just gonna bring it in on monday and show him the article and note! Praise Boognish, errbody.

Awesome, glad to hear it. See you at the show Kevin! And thanks Mickey for constantly taking the time to show the fans you care and to support the love of the music. Oh and thanks to JamBase for the tip! I spend a lot of time in the Ween Appreciation Society but it’s been insane lately with the reunion tour.


UPDATE: Over on Reddit, Kevin posted the outcome of his story. Not only did he end up going to the concert, but he went on an epic journey to try and get the band to sign his letter to the professor.

From Kevin:

“So, Deaner never saw my sign (pic of me holding it [below]). I never got the note.



Day 1: I only squeezed up to 2nd row and whenever Dean looked my way, I held up my sign. During the first song, some asshole said put the sign down or I’ll take it down. Cmon, I wasn’t even holding it too high or too frequently– clearly didn’t know the motive! So, no luck.

Day 2: Again, only made it to second row. Thankfully, EVERYONE around me was awesome and totally supported me getting the note. They let me reach my arm out to hold the sign in front of the railing. Still, he didn’t see the note! The photographer asked me what it was about and asked if I’d like her to give it to him.. uhh, hell yeah! She did and my gf was actually talking to Glenn who said the rest of the band (or maybe just Dean, idk) was signing it! Buttttt then some lady started to literally push me out of the venue, “GET OUT OF MY BUILDING! GET OUT GET OUT GET OUTTTTT!” Like damn lady, chill.

That night, I posted on WAS that I never got it but that I was still thankful for such an opportunity and for the kindness of Deaner. Lo and behold, he comments on my post telling me he’ll mail it.

So now, to make a small dent into the huge debt I owe Mr. Melchiondo, I am going to send him my only copy of a record that contains what he once told me is his out-right favorite song, “Mr Slater’s Parrot” by The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.

Thank you everyone who has wished me luck on my exam, rooted me on in getting this note, and cared enough to look for an update on the situation.

Boognish Be With Ye”




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