Home Types Comics More Evidence that The Walking Dead’s [REDACTED] isn’t Dead… YET!
More Evidence that The Walking Dead’s [REDACTED] isn’t Dead… YET!

More Evidence that The Walking Dead’s [REDACTED] isn’t Dead… YET!


*Spoilers Ahead For Both The Show and The Comic!

More evidence that GLENN AIN’T DEAD!

It was recently announced that Garret Dillahunt, of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Justified, was cast in The Walking Dead in an as-yet-unnamed role – but he just dropped a huge hint on Twitter about what that role might be. And, if it’s true, that just lends more weight to the theory that fan-favorite Glenn wasn’t turned into zombie chow the other week.

Compendium 3 introduced us to Negan
Compendium 3 introduced us to Negan

Garret posted a picture of the third compendium of The Walking Dead comic book – and right there on the front cover, clutching his barbed-wire wrapped baseball bat ‘Lucille’, is seriously-nasty-sonofabitch Negan. There’s a very good chance that Garret’s being cast as this murderous scavenger, as the tale of Alexandria wouldn’t be complete without that storyline going down.

And it that’s the case, there’s one scene from the comic book everybody would want to see happen (or, rather, would expect to see happen, and hate every second of it.) That’s Negan’s senseless murder of Glenn, in one of the most brutal and heart-rending scenes from a comic series known for being uncompromising.

But, obviously,  that can’t happen if Glenn’s already dead!

Which is why I don’t think he is – and given that he wasn’t included in the lineup of ‘people we lost’ in the subsequent episode of The Talking Dead, and he’s still contracted until 2016, I think Glenn’s going to be making a reappearence this Sunday.

But that’s not really cancelling his untimely demise – just postponing it.

THAT BEING SAID – some new evidence has come to light that suggests Glenn is currently enjoying a leisurely passage through the digestive tract of a dozen zombies, or so. As Polygon pointed out, the annoying hour-and-a-half Morgan-special aired last week was the first episode in the show’s history go launch without Steven Yeun’s name on the opening or closing credits.

Glenn might not be gone forever – but his role on the show has definitely shifted.


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  • Doug L.

    First off, thanks for reminding me about Compendium 3 being out!

    But I will say this, the show is so far off the book storyline that I can’t say I agree that this is proof he is alive. I want to think he is, but I am not sure. Would the producers play coy so much and remove his name from the credits the following week to fuck with the fans? I mean they could and technically they can say, well he was not IN the episode if he does indeed return in a couple weeks. So they have asses covered there. But are they manipulating us THAT much? Was it planned that far out, to remove his name? Or was it something they saw a reaction to that week after his “death” and pulled his name from the Morgan-centric episode just for kicks?

    Time will tell I guess.

  • ReadingMike

    It would be very cool to have Garret Dillahunt as the next bad guy. I am a little dubious about whether or not Glenn is coming back or not. The show has taken liberties with the comic book before. We’ll see.

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