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‘Fast ‘N Loud’ is BACK Tonight!

‘Fast ‘N Loud’ is BACK Tonight!


In addition to being geeks, I know for a fact that Tim Makoid and aren’t the only petrolheads on the Echoba.se team – and that’s why I’m excited for the debut of Fast ‘N Loud tonight.

For the uninitiated, Fast ‘N Loud is basically for guys what all that home redesign shit on HGTV is for our wives and girlfriends (although I love that too.) It’s a reality show in which hot rod builders Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman take a clapped-out beater and turn it into something beautiful within the walls of the now legendary Gas Monkey Garage.


One of Gas Monkey's most legendary builds.
One of Gas Monkey’s most legendary builds.


I’m particually excited for this season because it’ll finally give us the lowdown on the Gas Monkey showdown with Roadkill, a YouTube-only show that features Hot Rod magazine’s David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan doing largely the same thing that Richard and Aaron do (albeit with zero budget.)


Gas Monkey produced a classic drag-racer for their showdown with Roadkill.
Gas Monkey produced a classic drag-racer for their showdown with Roadkill.


Last summer, Dodge motors took up sponsorship of both shows, and pressured them to do a Hellcat-powered drag race to see who was better. Because of the vagaries of network television, the Discovery Channel has kept the footage of that race off the air, until they were ready to broadcast it as part of Fast ‘N Loud. That’s what we’ll be seeing this season!

Aside from that excitement, we can look forward to a lot of automotive hijinks over the course of the season. One of the reasons I love Fast ‘N Loud is that it’s not really just a car show. Richard Rawlings is aggressively entrepreneurial, and clearly enjoys making money as much as making cars. It’s always interesting to see what new schemes he comes up with, while poor Aaron’s left getting his hands dirty under the hood.

Tonight’s episode sees Richard track down the same car that his old man used to drive, a ’67 Dodge Dart, and might also hint at the Gas Monkey Garage getting into the horse racing business. What will ensue? Who knows – but I’m going to be sitting with a chilled beer at 9pm to find out!

Fast ‘N Loud is on the Discovery Channel at 9/8c.

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