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‘The Final Girls’ Takes a Stab at the 80s Slasher Genre

‘The Final Girls’ Takes a Stab at the 80s Slasher Genre


I went into The Final Girls pretty excited, the trailer shows a group of kids watching a classic slasher movie called “Camp Bloodbath”. A fire breaks out in the theater and they try and cut through the screen to get to a back exit and escape. Instead, they step into the film and from there they need to try and survive until the final girl kills the bad guy and they can go home. It’s a self aware 80s slasher film which is a great premise and hits super close to my heart.

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Here’s the unfortunate thing, the trailer gives away most of the best jokes and pretty much the entire plot of the movie. Skip the trailer on this and take it from me, it’s not a perfect movie but it’s fun. It has this great feel where you want to tell the characters what to do, just like in a slasher film, but they’re self aware too, so they often do what you’d do.

There are some really well done lampoon moments of the genre. The slow-mo scene is hilarious, the sexiness is ridiculous and over the top silly, the stereotypes are particularly stereotypical, and the film does nail most of the tropes.

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I can’t really specifically point out why it falls flat at times, but it does. I found myself making very little connection with any of the characters and they come and go so quickly that it’s hard to. The movie is short and that’s probably another stab at the genre and how little it focuses on “everyone else” in the story, but it still felt a little slow in the middle. I can’t put my finger on why.

Still, maybe I was just being dumb, because it’s pretty obvious, but the ending took me by surprise and I really enjoyed it. Again the film is very self aware and if you’re a fan of 80s slasher films, you’ll probably find this one funny.

Actually maybe that’s the problem why I can’t quite put my finger on. The film is so much a comedy before a horror that it forgets to have any interesting slasher kills. Most are pretty tame and lame honestly and the traps are boring too. The problem, if there is one, is that it’s too much of a comedy and maybe forgets that the genre it’s lampooning does actually provide some scares and gore. This barely had either.



Overall I’d recommend seeing this one, but probably not in the theater, there’s no amazing, theater-worthy visuals really. The final girls battle has a pretty cool 80s purple sky background, but it will look great on your HD TV. You can actually watch it through amazon prime right now here.

It’s a great “night at home” movie, and with this one you can see it at home already legally, so why not. I really enjoy going to the Tower, my local arthouse theater. There’s always like 4 other people there and it’s a screen that feels like childhood in the city. Plus it supports the local film society.

If you have a local indie theater go support them and watch this movie there, otherwise get it on Amazon. 7/10

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  • Doug L.

    I want to check this out for sure. I’ll VOD this and Cooties. I love that you have that local theater “The Tower” there in SLC. It sounds like a cool place from what you have told me with an eclectic selection of films. Enjoy that, it is such a rare treat anymore.

    • Yeah Doug, you would love it. There’s even a video rental store in the lobby of the theater.

      • Doug L.

        Thats what I really dig. How perfect is that? I miss video stores. You should interview the folks who run the Tower.