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First Look at Top Gear 2.0

First Look at Top Gear 2.0


While the BBC’s attempt to relaunch its flagship export has floundered, it looks like Amazon’s ‘new and original’ Top Gear tribute is off to a triumphant start.

Back in August of last year, Top Gear stars Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond signed a deal with Amazon to present a Prime-only streaming show. It was a massive coup for Amazon – poaching one of the world’s biggest and most successful franchises from the BBC after the venerable British broadcaster cut ties with Jeremy Clarkson.

While the BBC have attempted to reinvent the Top Gear show, it’s efforts have floundered. Host Chris Evans has already been booted from the series, while co-host Matt Blanc is rumoured to be leaving shortly too. It’s been a ratings disaster, and an embarrassment to the BBC (despite not actually being that bad.)

And now, to make matters worst, the new and original Top Gear trio are back with a teaser of their show – and it looks off the chain.

Debuting on Amazon on November 18, the new show will be called The Grand Tour (a much better name than Small Puddle of Excellence) and focuses on the two elements that were most popular with the original Top Gear – wild international adventures in fast cars, and relentless banter between the three bickering best friends.

It’s impossible to compare the two, as Amazon doesn’t release viewing figures for its streaming shows – but the trailer itself has garnered a lot more positive feedback than the reinvented Top Gear did, and the three starts have a fanatically loyal fanbase.

We’ll be sure to let you know how it is the moment The Grand Tour goes live.


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