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What Was Found At Crimson Peak

What Was Found At Crimson Peak


So here’s a *teeny spoiler* but #sorryImnotsorry, there was some lovely Tom Hiddleston nudity; for a brief moment his butt was the star on screen and it was glorious. Don’t worry, this will be a real spoiler free review, unfortunately I was a bit underwhelmed overall with the movie.

But first, this isn’t a critique on the movie just a weird thing that happened, there were no previews! OUTRAGE! Everybody basically goes to the movies to see previews, and get excited for whatever is next and newer and shinier; duh. All of a sudden the theater goes dark (no slow dim at all) and Tim looks over and asks ‘is this the movie?’ and then it started. This was a theater issue, obviously, but bummer man.

Crimson Peak Dance


I just checked the IMDB page, and Crimson Peak is classified under drama, fantasy, and horror. Drama, yes; fantasy, yes; horror? Not for me. There were some really dark things going on inside each of the characters, vile, nasty moments, but it never said ‘horror’ to me. If I had 3 classifications it was a paranormal, thriller, romance. Mia Wasikowska, Alice in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, plays Edith Cushing; a writer, and daughter set to inherit a small fortune, until Thomas and Lucille Sharp (Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain) appear in her life. As a mysterious and gorgeous stranger Thomas is able to wile his way into Edith’s life and heart, and she is taken with him almost immediately. But not everybody around her is as smitten with Thomas or Lucille, and there is something off between the two of them.

Allerdale Hall Crimson Peak


I have to say, while the movie was missing a lot for me, the details of the set and scenery were beautiful. Allerdale Hall is where Edith ends up with Thomas and his sister Lucille after many things happen. The mansion is built on a natural bright red clay deposit, and the house is kind of sinking into it. So there is this constant presence of what looks like red velvet cake batter seeping through walls, and up from the ground, and out of faucets. The inside of the house  leaves nothing un-adorned, spires and spiny ornate EVERYTHING from the baseboards to the ceiling. Even though the house is deteriorating in front of the viewers eyes it’s still so magnificent. Guillermo del Toro has really mastered his eye to blend themes together that are normally adverse to one another, the house is so overly beautiful but crumbling behind a decrepit veil.

Inside the house Crimson Peak


Of course, creepy old house, plus a paranormally connected woman, means time for the ghosts to come a knocking; and knock they did. Sadly this is where I began to be underwhelmed. The ghost/spirit/things were not acting in any way that was indicative of their desired end goal for the situation. Which was bothersome, but I guess I can put that aside because they’re unresting spirits, it’s probably tough to transition into the real world, excuse, excuse, excuse. But my real problem was the movie as a whole was flat.

The character development didn’t really impress me, and I never felt like I really got to know any of them in great detail. Jessica Chastain acted Lucille very well in my opinion, but Lucille’s character wasn’t believable because I didn’t know anything about her. Edith, who as the main character you might think she’s a relatable gal to make us like her and root for her, is almost a complete anomaly. We know she is a writer, young, lives in America in the late 19th century, occasionally sees a ghost… and end bio. Who can really relate to any of those things? No one! Are we supposed to like her then, solely because she is delicate but still brave? I have been given no real reason to believe in this girl, and sadly was never given anything throughout the entire film. All of the parts were there to be a great movie, it’s like it just never quite filled in the whole picture and it was left as an OK movie. There was a pet dog, and it was the most believable part of the whole thing.

I wouldn’t say it was terrible, because overall I was entertained for the 2 hours we sat and watched (yes it was a bit long). I also wouldn’t tell anyone to drop everything and see it right now. I enjoyed the seeing it in the theater, the sound is always so much better when it can be booming in your ears without fear of disrupting your neighbor! But this one probably could be equally enjoyed from your couch, without having to pay $13 for a soda and stale popcorn.

Sorry to say, lovely but lacking.

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