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Halloween In Small Town America Is Such A Treat

Halloween In Small Town America Is Such A Treat


Lambertville, NJ

I can only hope that we all live in or near a small town somewhere in America, because that’s where you’ll find a thriving spirit for all things Halloween. That’s not to say that the bright lights of a big city isn’t just as amazing but there’s something nostalgic and heart felt about the goings on, in a small town during Halloween.

My slice of Halloween Heaven can be found in Lambertville, New Jersey all along Union Street right in the heart of town. Nearly every house is decorated to the nine-o-cattails, and they are all pretty amazing. Whole families are decked out in costume as well as all the homeowners dishing out treats for kids lined up 10 deep at every house. There are live performances, scary movies playing on screens, and just an overwhelming festive spirit from everyone involved.

Halloween in Lambertville NJ

What’s happening in Lambertville today, takes me back to when I was a kid, in the early 70’s, trick-or-treating where I grew up in Trenton, NJ. I’m thrilled to have a place, like Lambertville, that brings me back to those days in spades.

I hope there’s a place like this for you out there close by, but if there isn’t, consider stopping by Lambertville, NJ for Halloween next year. It’s worth it. See for yourself.

Halloween in Lambertville NJ

This couple was a big hit, and didn’t mind posing for pictures, recreating the famous WWII kiss.



The Main Attraction

Dolores Dragan presides over what has come to be known as the Halloween House. She’s been at it for over 20 years, and what she has done is beyond spectacular. It’s the equivalent to that house in your neighborhood (and we all have one) that is covered head-to-toe in Christmas lights. You know you have to drive by it at least 10 times to see it. Well that’s what Dolores is/does, but for Halloween.

Behold the Halloween House.


Here’s a great piece by New Hope photographer/videographer, Bob Krist, showcasing Dolores Dragan and her Halloween House.

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween experience as much as I did sharing it with you. Have your own pictures and experiences from this past Halloween?

Don’t be afraid to share them.

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  • Christopher Peruzzi

    I don’t think I could spend a night in the basement of the Halloween House.