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Happy 4/26! Alien Day!

Happy 4/26! Alien Day!


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Following off the heels of Star Wars’ ‘May the Fourth’ and ‘October 21st’ for the Back to The Future films, Fox is pushing to make this a new event. In case you did not get the connection, the 4/26 date is reference to the Alien planet being called LV-426 in the James Cameron sequel, Aliens.

Ridley Scott is currently working on a follow up to Prometheus, the Alien spinoff series, which is now called Alien Covenant and will directly feature the Big Chap himself. Today’s celebration of all things Alien will just whet the appetites of fans clamoring for more Alien wherever they can get it. I know for myself, I can look at this cynically as a cash grab but I really dig this as I never would have expected this series to be celebrated like this.

They have put together a terrific day celebrating the movies. As a fan of the film series, I am all in!



All around the internet and the country are special events and screenings of the films as well as lots of exclusive merchandise to cash in on the day. There is a trivia contest on the Alien twitter page all day. Alamo Drafthouses are scheduling screenings as well, you can see the list here. In NYC they have Sigourney Weaver hosting Aliens, and in L.A. Vasquez and Newt are showing up for a double feature there!

Most notable is that Mondo has a few cool items including special prints, soundtracks and shirts. You can check them out at Mondo’s site here. Many, many other artists and companies have prints up for sale too. You can see all of the information about the events and merchandising of the day here over at Collider and here at i09. And don’t forget to sign up on the Alien Anthology home page here.


In all honesty the swag is exciting and I will be spending some money today for sure but the thing I want you to take away from this is to actually make a point to watch one of the Alien films. You can find them everywhere on blu and dvd or downloads. I don’t care what film you watch or what your favorite is. There is even a terrific tie in videogame called Alien Isolation! That game entertained me for weeks and was as good a story as an actual film sequel!

If games aren’t your thing then check out one of the spin off books. There are at least 3 or four of them now. I think it’s great to just enjoy some science fiction and think about how crazy it is that we live in a time when a series like this can be celebrated.

I know for my Alien day I am making my way up to NYC for the screening of Aliens in 35mm with Sigourney in attendance. That is a life time bucket list thing there. I never would have thought that this would happen one day and I would sit in the same room as Ripley watching Aliens. I’ll report back with any details I get relating to the Alien world and Sigourney’s take on it.

And remember…

They mostly come at night. Mostly.


                                                            Stay Frosty!

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