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House of Cards Returns March 4

House of Cards Returns March 4


Netflix and chill? Forget it – it’s Netflix and shut-the-hell-up-and-let-me-concentrate from the end of next week, with the return of House of Cards.


President Underwood.
President Underwood.


If there is one show that has characterized the importance of on-demand streaming media, it’s House of Cards. It was the first show to really put the content-production of Netflix on the map, and it remains the most-watchable television produced each and every year. I am stoked by its return next week.

As always, Netflix has been doing some incredible promotional work for the upcoming debut of Season 4. The most impressive was the unveiling of ‘President’ Underwood’s picture at the National Portrait Gallery last week – to hang alongside the portraits of real former Commanders-in-Chief.

Likewise, a creepy series of ads made their way into the subways of Washington DC, with President Underwood promising America ‘a push in the right direction.’ It was from those very-same forms that Frank Underwood gave pesky-but-sexy reporter Zoe Barnes a ‘push in the right direction’ right into the path of a speeding subway train.


Zoe might not have appreciated that 'push'.
Zoe might not have appreciated that ‘push’.


I can barely contain my excitement!

If you remember, the slighty-sub-par third season ended with a beleagured President Underwood struggling to win nomination as the Democratic nominee in the upcoming election. The season ended with his wife, Claire, walking out on him – potentially torpedoing his chances of reelection.

But there is the promise of plenty more sex and skullduggery to come; and Frank Underwood will doubtless remain the man we love to hate, who we loathe, but secretly love to see overcome adversity and betrayal.

Seriously, guys. Don’t bother calling me next weekend. I won’t answer. I have a date with Frank.

(And if hints in the show have given any indication, he wouldn’t be entirely opposed to that arrangement himself.)



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  • Brent Dylan

    So pumped! With it being an election year in the US this could be HoCs biggest opportunity yet!
    Plus who could hate a President who is the most famous person/character to ever lay waste to folks in first person shooter games as catharsis?!